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24 March 2004

Chinese Archery Archive


Asian Traditional Archery Research Network, Hong Kong, China

"The Asian Traditional Archery Research Network provides for mutual friendly exchange and support among the different archery traditions of Asia, and to widen appreciation worldwide of the different archery traditions of Asia. The archery traditions of Asia (for example those of Mongolia, China, Korea, Tibet and Japan) have at one time or another enjoyed cross-fertilization and exchange of techniques (albeit sometimes on the battlefield.) Now some of these great traditions have disappeared, while others flourish, but in isolation. The archery traditions of Asia are rich in folklore, history, artistic expression, philosophy, technique, science and technology. Some, however, are in danger. In some Asian regions, the influence of western materialistic culture threatens to cause a loss of interest among potential new exponents. Sometimes, it is the craft of the bow and arrow makers which is under threat because of the dying-out of skills or the disappearance of sources of traditional materials."

"The Chinese Archery Archive page is a sub-site of 'ATARN, the Asian Traditional Archery Research Network [www.atarn.org]', covering much more than only China [ATARNet Discussion Forum; Bibliography; Picture Archive; Folklore; Mongolia/Khitan; Korea; Magyar; China; India & Sri Lanka; Islamic/Middle East; Tibet/Bhutan; Japan/Kyudo; Manchu/Sibo - ed.] There is also a very active forum. The entries differ very much from each other, there are reprinted articles, translations, excerpts from personal communication, richly illustrated texts on mechanisms (like the crossbow or the archer's rings). Although the last update was 24 January, 2002, the highly specialized content of the site is very interesting, not only to archery freaks. - hl."

Site contents:
Qi Ji Guang's Archery Method (Ming), Wu Bei Yao Lue (Ming), Zheng Nan She Fa (Ming/Qing), Guan Shi Xin Zhuan (Qing), She Lue (Qing), Cross-sections of an Old Chinese Bow, Letter from Peking, Beijing Wanbao, Perfecting the Mind and Body, Makiwara Madness, Whistling arrows, The History of Ju Yuan Hao, The Crossbows of South-West China, Repeating Crossbows, Interview with Wu Yonghua, Chengdu Bowyer, Thingies Up-close and personal, Interesting Bow, Quivers and holsters, Shandong Crossbow Mechanism, Horseback archery, Early Archers' Rings.


Internet Archive

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Matthias Arnold, forwarded by Hanno E. Lecher (contact via http://www.sino.uni-heidelberg.de/igcs/)

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