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28 October 2005

Daruma and Japanese Culture


Daruma Museum, GokuRakuAn, Okayama, Japan.

Self-description" "On these pages, I will present you information about Daruma san [Bodhidharma (?-532), 28th Indian Zen Patriarch, 1st Chinese Zen Patriarch - ed.] in English. I will try to give you an overview of various topics related to Daruma san. So you can get an understanding of how Daruma san even now influences Japanese art and the lives of Japanese people on an everyday level and learn about folk art, ceramics, festivals and other things as you read along. I am your guide, Gabi Greve, born in Germany, a long-time collector of Daruma artefacts, long-time resident of Japan and long-time student of Buddhist art. Contact me in English, German or Japanese."

Site contents:
ABC Introduction to Daruma San; A Visit to Konpira San in Shikoku; Akubi - Daruma Yawning; Anzan - Daruma, Birth and Childrearing; Aritayaki - Daruma of Arita Pottery; Ayame- Iris Daruma from Kashiwa; Bentoobako - Lunchbox with Daruma; Bizenyaki - Bizen Pottery and Daruma san; Byoobu and Tsuitate - Daruma on a Screen; Daruma Ichi - Daruma Markets in Japan (1); Daruma-Hunting in Takamatsu; Daruma-Hunting in Takamatsu Visiting Temples Nagao-ji and Ookubo-ji; Daruma-ji - A Temple in Nishi Izu; Dorei - Clay Bells with Daruma; Engi-Mono - Things for Good Luck (1); Floriade in Holland - Daruma at the Flower Show; Fushimi Tsuchiningyoo - Clay Dolls from Fushimi; Fusuma - Daruma on a Sliding Door; Goshiki Daruma and Color Symbols; Haiku and Daruma; Hakata Dolls and Daruma; Hibachi - Daruma Brazier to Keep You Warm; Himeji no Daruma - Daruma from Himeji; Hoorin-ji - The Daruma Temple in Kyoto; Hyootan, Namazu and Daruma - The Gourd, the Catfish and Daruma; Ishi (1) - Stones and Daruma; Ishi (2) - Stones and Daruma; Jimotsu - What is Daruma holding?; Jindai-ji - A Daruma Market and Sanskrit; Kakebotoke - Votive Plaques and Daruma; Kamakurabori - Daruma and Laquerware; Kanban Part 1 - Shop Signs with Daruma; Kanban Part 2 - Shop Signs with Daruma; Kasukabe - Daruma Dolls from Kasukabe; Kasuri - Ikat-Weaving with Daruma Patterns; Katana (1) - Daruma and the Japanese Sword; Katana (2) - Tsuba, Menuki, Daruma and the Sword; Katsu!! - Koan and Daruma; Kimono (1) - Daruma as Cloth Design; Kimono (2) - Daruma as Cloth Design; Koogoo - Daruma as an Incense Container; Kooro - Daruma as an Incense Burner; Koraku-En and Daruma - An Autumn Walk; Kumano and Nachi - Hunting for Stone Daruma; Kurashiki and Daruma; Kutaniyaki - Daruma of Kutani Pottery; Matsu - The Pine and Daruma; Matsuyama no Hime Daruma - Princess Daruma from Matsuyama; Me-ire - Painting Eyes for Daruma; Meoto Daruma and Takasago - Daruma and a Happy Couple (Part 1); Meoto Daruma, Enmusubi and more Happy Couples (Part 2); Mini Daruma and a Tiny Encyclopedia about Daruma; Mikawa Daruma, Daruma from Toyokawa and Toyohashi; Mimikazari - Daruma and his Earrings; Nagoya no Daruma - Daruma from Nagoya; Nogata Daruma, Tsuyazaki Clay Dolls and Folkart of Fukuoka Prefecture; Okinawa, Daruma and Folkcraft; Oribeyaki - Daruma of Oribe Pottery; Ryokan san and Tamashima Daruma; Sake and Shochu - Ricewine, Schnaps and Daruma; Santa Claus and Daruma San ?Merry Christmas!; Sanukibori - Carving from Sanuki Area in Shikoku; Sekiri Daruma carrying one sandal; Senkootate - Daruma as an Incense Stick Holder; Suiteki - Water Dropper, Hiraga Gennai and Daruma; Takamatsu and Yakuri Daruma (2); Takamatsu Daruma - Papermachee Dolls, Clay Dolls and Small Kites; Takeda no Hime Daruma - Princess Daruma from Takeda; Tako Kites with Daruma Design; Tanuk i - A Badger posing as Daruma; Te-aburi - Daruma as a Handwarmer; Tokkuri - Drinking Hot Sake with Daruma; Tsurukame - Crane, Tortoise and Daruma for Good Luck; Uto no Hime Daruma - Princess Daruma from Uto; Wakasa Daruma - Daruma of Laquer and Agate Stone; Yakimono - Daruma in Japanese Pottery (1); Yakimono - Daruma in Japanese Pottery (2); Yakko Daruma and Flower Viewing in Tsuyama; Yukidaruma - Daruma as a Snowman; Yunomi - Drinking Tea with Daruma;

The site also includes: Daruma Forum (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Darumasan-Japan/); * Daruma Photo Album (http://f2.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/gabigreve2000/my_photos); * Musings about Happiness, a Haiku Forum (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/happyhaiku/); * Index of all my Activities; * Introducing GokuRakuAn.

A bi-ligual (JP, EN) site - ed.


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