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25 January 2006

Asia-Pacific Economic Update 2005


U.S. Pacific Command, Camp Smith, Hawaii, HI, US

Supplied note: "The Asia-Pacific Economic Update (APEU) is a comprehensive study of the Asia-Pacific economies. Opinions are those of the author and are not to be construed as U.S. policy. The APEU consists of three volumes organized by geography and subject matter - lr."

Site contents: Asia-Pacific Economic Update 2005 [The Asia-Pacific Economic Update is published at the official Unclassified military website of the U.S. Pacific Command, and is provided in PDF format - ed.]

Volume I File size: 7.3 MB Table of Contents
Executive Summary, pg. 1 Ch. 1 Global Context: A Decade of Financial Turmoil, pg. 9 Ch. 2 Asian Context: Financial Turmoil, pg. 31 Ch. 3 The U.S. Dollar and Asia, pg. 47 Ch. 4 China's Economy: Strong or Weak? A Net Assessment, pg. 55 Ch. 5 China's Economic Interdependence in NE Asia: Threats, Opportunities and Shared Prosperity, pg. 65 Ch. 6 Sino-Australian Economic Ties, pg. 97 Ch. 7 Sino-Japanese Economic Ties, pg. 101 Ch. 8 Sino-South Korean Economic Ties, pg. 107 Ch. 9 China's Economic Update, pg. 113 Ch. 10 Japan, pg. 144 Ch. 11 S. Korea, pg. 160 Ch. 12 N. Korea - Brad Babson, Consultant, World Bank and United Nations, pg. 174 Ch. 13 Mongolia, pg. 186 Ch. 14 Russia, pg. 192

Volume II File size: 3.5 MB Table of Contents
Executive Summary, pg. 1 Ch. 1 Bangladesh, pg. 7 Ch. 2 India, pg. 15 Ch. 3 Nepal, pg. 35 Ch. 4 Sri Lanka, pg. 43 Ch. 5 Brunei, pg. 51 Ch. 6 Cambodia, pg. 57 Ch. 7 Indonesia, pg. 65 Ch. 8 Laos, pg. 79 Ch. 9 Malaysia, pg. 85 Ch. 10 Philippines, pg. 93 Ch. 11 Singapore, pg. 107 Ch. 12 Thailand, pg. 115 Ch. 13 Vietnam, pg. 123 Ch. 14 Australia, pg. 131 Ch. 15 Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Island, pg. 141 Ch. 16 Guam, pg. 147

Volume III File size: 3.3 MB Table of Contents
Executive Summary, pg. 1 Ch. 1 Asia's Global Economic Role - Mark Harstad, APCSS, pg. 3 Ch. 2 The U.S. Economic Stake in Asia - Mark Harstad, APCSS, pg. 13 Ch. 3 A Socio-Economic Strategy Against Violent Extremism - Dr. Leif Rosenberger, PACOM, pg. 21 Ch. 4 Implementing the Socio-Economic Strategy - Major Miemie Winn Byrd, PACOM, pg. 29 Ch. 5 Maritime Security, Threats, and Challenges - Major Miemie Winn Byrd, PACOM, pg. 39 Ch. 6 Defense Economics - Richard Bitzinger, APCSS, pg. 45 Ch. 7 Towards Food Security - Dr. Leif Rosenberger, PACOM, pg. 52 Ch. 8 Towards Water Security - Dr. Kent Butts, U.S. Army War College, pg. 68 Ch. 9 Water Concerns in Asian Context - Delia Stoehr, PACOM, pg. 82 Ch. 10 Asia-Pacific Energy Market - Dr. James Dorian, International Energy Economist, pg. 88 * Appendix - Energy Issues and Challenges - Delia Stoehr, PACOM, pg. 106

Previous Economic Updates:
* Asia-Pacific Economic Update 2002; * Asia-Pacific Economic Update 2000.


Internet Archive (www.archive.org)
[the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by:
Dr. Leif Rosenberger (leif.rosenberger--at--pacom.mil)

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