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18 August 2006

Wu Hongda's Statement on the Sujiatun Concentration Camp


17 Aug 2006

EastSouthWestNorth Blog, New York, NY, US

Supplied note:
"Reports from the Epoch Times [http://www.theepochtimes.com/news/6-3-11/39169.html - ed.] should be treated with caution since the paper is a Falun gong outlet and strongly biased (to say the least). Since reliable information is hard to come by (the official Chinese propaganda doing everything to distort facts according to their own wishes and needs) the recent report of human rights activist Wu Hongda (better known as Harry Wu, associated with his experience in and research on Chinese labor camps) is a priceless piece of reporting on the issue. Please have a look at: 'Wu Hongda's Statement on the Sujiatun Concentration Camp' [at the URL below] - hl."

"Harry Wu, also knowns as Wu Hongda, heads the China Information Center [www.observechina.net/info/index.asp - ed.], which is a dissident website based in the United States. The following is a summary of his investigation and travails in the matter of the Sujiatun affair. This essay is being translated here because it is not the kind of thing that will be published in English otherwise.

'(Observechina [www.observechina.net/info/artshow.asp?ID=39862 - ed.]) My Knowledge and Experience with the Falun Gong media reporting on the Sujiatun Concentration Camp problem. July 18, 2006. (in translation) First of all, my personal beliefs and political viewpoints are different from those of the Falun Gong. Secondly, I respect everyone's freedom of belief and the right not to be persecuted. From the moment that the Beijing government announced that Falun Gong is an evil cult and persecuted its members, I have firmly and resolutely stood on the side of Falun Gong. Thirdly, no matter from personal experience or scholarly knowledge, I should know more about the brutal nature of the Chinese government than the Falun Gong practitioners, especially their senior members. Fourthly, I do not want my words to be used by the Beijing authorities to conceal or lessen their evil deeds. Fifthly, I hope that everybody (including myself) respect the facts and put the truth above everything else. In the following, let me use the narrative technique to describe my experience and knowledge about the Sujiatun affair in chronological order [...]'"

Site contents:
* My Knowledge and Experience with the Falun Gong media reporting on the Sujiatun Concentration Camp problem. [by Harry Wu]. July 18, 2006.; * Activist Harry Wu challenges organ harvesting claims. By Paul Mooney. August 9, 2006.


Internet Archive (web.archive.org)
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Hanno E. Lecher (sun.sino.uni-heidelberg.de/igcs/)

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