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07 January 2008

Tales of Old China


07 Jan 2008

China Economic Review, Shanghai, PRC

"Tales of Old China - A storehouse of material on Old China presented by China Economic Review Publishing. [...T]here is no way to try to cover all of Chinese history. So we have chosen to just document the interaction between westerners and Chinese, starting with Marco Polo and working through to around the Communist takeover in 1949."

Site contents: * Introduction;
WORDS: Library (A'Rabbitt, Shamus - China Coast Ballads, illustrations by Sapajou, 1938, file size: 136k, Anon - All About Shanghai, a Shanghai guidebook from 1934, file size: xxxk, Arthur ET Smith, D. D. - Chinese Characteristics, 1927, file size: 524k, Crouch, A. L. - The Barracks Bard, China Sketchbook, 1946, file size: 1380k, Baum, Vicki - Nanking Road, 1939, file size: 1,300k, Bland, J.O.P - Houseboat Days in China, 1906, file size: xxxk, Bramah, Ernest - Wallet of Kai Lung, 19xx, file size: 496k, Brown, Arthur - New Forces in Old China, 19xx, file size: 721k, Carlberg, Gustav - China in Revival, 1927, file size: 302k, Caslow, Richard W. & Peggy E. (compiled by) - The Writings of Andrew Stritmatter (1847-1880): Missionary in China in the 1870's, 19xx, file size: xxxk, Denby, Jay - Letters of a Shanghai Griffin, 1910, file size: 255k, Der Ling - Two Years in the Forbidden City, 1911, file size: 506k, Elmswood, William - My Life in China, 2007, file size: 118k, Foster, Mrs Arnold - In The Valley Of the Yangtse, 1899, file size: 371k, Giles, Herbert - China and the Manchus, 19xx, file size: 198k, Giles, Herbert - Civilization of China, 1911, file size: 313k, Giles, Herbert - Religions of Ancient China, 1906, file size: 96k, Giles, Lionel - Sun Tzu on the Art of War, 1910, file size: 342k, Grace Stott - Twenty-six years of Missionary work in China, 1898, file size: 482k, Headland, Isaac Taylor - Chinese Boy and Girl, 19xx, file size: 192k, Headland, Isaac Taylor - Court Life in China, 19xx, file size: 442k, Isherwood, Christopher - Court Life in China, 1938, file size: 34k, Verne, Jules - The Tribulations of a Chinese Gentleman, 19xx, file size 314k, Legge, James - TAO TEH KING (Daodejing) - [to be added], Legge, James - Confucian Analects, 19xx, file size: 198k, McCormick, Elsie - Unexpurgated Dairy of a Shanghai Baby, 1923, file size: 134k, Morrison, George Ernest - An Australian in China, 1894, file size: 500k, Mildred Cable and Francesca French - China - Her Life and Her People, 1946, file size: 256k, Polo, Marco - Marco Polo's Travels, file size: 622k, Ricalton, James - China Through the Stereoscope, an illustrated journey through China in 1901. Rohmer, Sax - Insidious Dr Fu Manchu, 19xx, file size: xxxk, R.W.D. - Shanghai Country Walks, 1934, file size: 31k, Macgowan, Rev. John - Collection Of Phrases in the Shanghai Dialect, 1862, file size: 1230k, Soothill, Lucy - A Passport to China, 1931, file size: 748k, Wheeler, Reginald - China and the World War, 1919, file size: 347k); * Quotes; * Excerpts from Western Literature; * China Journal (China Journal, Jan, 1926; China Journal, Apr, 1932; China Journal, Sep, 1934; China Journal, Dec, 1934; China Journal, May, 1936; China Journal, Sep, 1937; China Journal, Oct, 1937; China Journal, Aug, 1938; China Journal, May, 1941); * Other Reading (Fortune magazine, Jan 1935, Aviation Tragedy, Clothes and Nationality, Absent Friends); * Arrogance;

IMAGES: * French Images [approx 500 images]; * Map Room [seven map rooms with specialist maps from 16th-19th c. - ed.] * Postcards [approx 3800 images of old postcards - ed.] * Photo gallery [several thousand of images - ed.] * Money [images of banknotes circulated in Old China, including Mexican dollars, Haikuan (Customs) taels and Chinese paper money - ed.]

PLACES : * Shanghai (Introduction, Images, Places, People, Cultures, Events, Business, Law, Order & Administration); * Peking (Introduction, Places in Old Peking, People, 19th century Old Peking, 20th century Old Peking, Newspapers & periodicals, Old Maps); * Other * Links.

URL http://www.talesofoldchina.com/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.talesofoldchina.com

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