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21 October 2008

[Philippine Linguistics] Publications To Download


21 Oct 2008

Summer Institute of Linguistics Philippines (SIL), Manila, Philippines.

"Founded over 70 years ago, SIL International is a faith-based organization that studies, documents, and assists in developing the world's lesser-known languages. SIL's staff shares a Christian commitment to service, academic excellence, and professional engagement through literacy, linguistics, translation, and other academic disciplines. SIL makes its services available to all without regard to religious belief, political ideology, gender, race, or ethnic background. SIL (initially known as the Summer Institute of Linguistics) has grown from a small summer linguistics training program with two students in 1934 to a staff of over 5,000 coming from over 60 countries. SIL's linguistic investigation exceeds 1,800 languages spoken by over 1.2 billion people in more than 70 countries."

Supplied note:
"The SIL Philippines web site now has almost 500 academic and vernacular items in more than 70 Filipino languages available for free download. Go to: [the URL below] The academic items include all issues of Studies in Philippine Linguistics (SIPL), selected issues of Studies in Philippine Languages & Cultures (SPLC), 10-ICAL abstracts and/or papers, some out-of-print academic publications, as well as links to papers by SIL personnel on other web sites.
The vernacular items available are languages from "A to K-Kankanaey". As the materials in languages from "K-Kankanay, Northern to Z" are scanned, they also will be added. These include literacy primers & readers, four-language phrase books, health materials, Pilgrim's Progress, Tariri story.
Presently the publication date of each item is not listed in the general information. We will be adding this, however, as some of these materials are quite old and in some cases the orthography used is not that recommended now. However, the materials remain of value.
As SIL Philippines continues to make such material available, we welcome your comments, corrections, and suggestions. - Sue McQuay."

Site contents:
* Philippine Languages; * Other Languages; * General Anthropology; * General Linguistics; * Historical Linguistics; * Language Survey.

URL http://www.sil.org/asia/philippines/plb_download.html

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.sil.org/asia/philippines/plb_download.html

Link reported by: Sue McQuay (acad-pub_philippines--at--sil.org),
forwarded by Geoff Wade (arigpw--at--nus.edu.sg)

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