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04 December 2008

Afrasian Centre for Peace and Development Studies


04 Dec 2008

Ryukoku University, Kyoto, Japan

"In the age of globalisation, Asia and Africa are experiencing dramatic economic development alongside frequent wars and armed conflict. At the Afrasian Centre for Peace and Development Studies, we aim to carry out interdisciplinary research in the area of conflict resolution as a key to comprehensively understanding, and practically solving, conflict situations. [...] Our four research teams carry out research into the following areas; 1) conflict resolution: nations & international relations, 2) environments & resources, 3) culture & networks, and 4) poverty & development."

SIte contents:
* About the Afrasian Centre;
* Research Activities (#The Afrasian Centre, # Research Group 1 - An Agent or a Barrier? The Role of the Nation in Conflict Resolution, # Research Group 2 - International Political Economy and Conflict Resolution: Conflicts over resources and energy, U.S foreign policy towards Middle East and the relationship with oil, Dimensions of conflicts over resources and prospect of regime formation as a means to resolve existing disputes and frictions, Regional and international disputes over Iran's nuclear development policy, WTO negotiations on agricultural production in Asia, Global warming and its impact on Asia and Africa, Problems surrounding Asian migrant workers in the Middle East, The prospect of regional cooperation on energy in Asia. # Research Group 3 - Is Culture the Answer? The Role of Networks and Culture in Conflict Resolution, # Research Group 4 - Poverty and Regional Development in the Process of Conflict Resolution);

* Symposium; * Newsletters; * Publications (Afrasia Working Papers [downloadable] - 37. Migration and Mosques: The Evolution and Transformation of Muslim Communities in Manila, the Philippines (Akiko Watanabe) 2008; 36. The Increasing Enclosure of Mangrove Wetlands: Towards Resource Management in Frontier Areas (Shinji Suzuki) 2008; 35. Multiplicity of Community Forestry as Knowledge Space in the Northern Thai Highlands (Anan Ganjanapan) 2008; 32. Useful or Useless Relics: Today's Strange Monarchies (Benedict Anderson) 2007; 31. The "Invention of Tradition" in Java under the Japanese Occupation: The Tonarigumi System and Gotong Royong (Kazuo Kobayashi) 2007; 30. "Iriai Forests Have Sustained the Livelihood and Autonomy of Villagers": Experience of Commons in Ishimushiro Hamlet in Northeastern Japan (Kokki Goto) 2007; 29. Land Ownership for the Preservation of Environment and Livelihood (Hiroyuki Torigoe) 2007; 28. Reconciliation, Restitution and Healing: The Role of Vietnam Veterans in Facilitating a New Era in U.S.-Vietnam Relations, 1985-2005 (Michael Furmanovsky) 2007; 27. Forced Removals, Land Struggles and Restoration of Land in South Africa: A Case of Roosboom (Chizuko Sato) 2007; 26. The Social Process of Migration from the Eastern Visayas to Manila (Naomi Hosoda) 2007; 25. The Hegemony of Tabloid Geopolitics: How America and the West Cannot Think International Relations beyond Conflict, Identity, and Cultural Imposition (Francois Debrix) 2007; 24. Human Security, Universality, and National Interest: A Critical Inquiry (Kosuke Shimizu) 2007; 22. The Place of the United States in the Triangle of Japan, China and India (Takashi Inoguchi) 2007; 21. Participatory Community Development and a Role of Social Statistical Analysis: Case of the JICA-Indonesia Project-Takalar Model (Yoshio Kawamura) 2007; 19. Not the Most Popular Decision: Japan's Ground Self Defense Force Goes to Iraq (Kazuo Takahashi) 2007; 18. International Energy Regime: Role of Knowledge and Energy and Climate Change Issues (Kenichi Matsui) 2007; 17. Macroeconomic Impacts of Terrorism: Evidence from Indonesia in the Post-Suharto Era (Tomoya Suzuki) 2006; 16. The Middle East, the Middle Kingdom and Japan (Kazuo Takahashi) 2006; 15. An Overview of the Debate on the African State (Masahisa Kawabata) 2006; 14. Regional Security in Africa (Takehiko Ochiai) 2006; 13. Asia and the Rise of the Early Modern World Economy (Om Prakash) 2006; 12. The United States and the United Nations Operation in the Congo (ONUC) (Takuya Misu) 2006; 11. The Composition and Job Structure of Female-Headed Households: A Case Study of a Rural Village in Siemreap Province, Cambodia (Nao Sato) 2006; 10. Discourses of Leadership and Japanese Political Economy: Three Phallus-centrists (Kosuke Shimizu) 2006; 9. East Asia, Middle East and the World Economy: Further Notes on the Oil Triangle (Kaoru Sugihara) 2006; 8. The Kurdish Situation in Iraq (Kazuo Takahashi) 2006; 7. Ethnicity and the State in Africa (Eghosa E. Osaghae) 2006; 6. Regional Governance and State Reconstruction in Africa (Daniel C. Bach) 2006; 5. Political Liberalization or Armed Conflicts? Political Changes in Post-Cold War Africa (Shin'ichi Takeuchi) 2006; 4. WTO/FTA and the Issues of Regional Disparity (Yoshio KAWAMURA and Zhan JIN) 2006; 3. Satyagraha as a Non-violent Means of Conflict Resolution (Nobuko Nagasaki) 2006; 2. Sustainable Management of Tank Irrigation Systems in South India (K. Palanisami) 2005; 1. Future of the Dairy Industries in China, Japan and the United States: Conflict Resolution in the Doha Round of WTO Agricultural Trade Negotiations (James R. Simpson) 2005.
Proceedings, Others);
* Visiting Researchers; * Media Articles; * Links; * Contanct Information; * Miscellaneous.

URL http://www.afrasia.ryukoku.ac.jp/eng/info/index.html

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/www.afrasia.ryukoku.ac.jp/eng/info/index.html

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