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06 March 2009

Japanese Institutional Repositories Online (JAIRO)


06 Mar 2009

National Institute of Informatics (NII), Tokyo, Japan

"JAIRO is a succeeding service of JuNii+ (test version) (Japanese) in which academic information (journal articles, theses or dissertations, departmental bulletin papers, research papers, etc.) accumulated in Japanese institutional repositories can be searched for cross-sectionally. The National Institute of Informatics (NII) collects metadata of institutional repositories, according to an application from the person in charge of the management of the institutional repository of each institution. As of October 2008, JAIRO allows about 540,000 contents in 84 institutional repositories to be searched for."

Site contents:
* Search - simple and advanced;
* Type of documents [numbers in brackets indicate the number of public access, full-text deposits]:
Journal Article (165,571); Thesis or Dissertation (32,634); Departmental Bulletin Paper (230,691); Conference Paper (40,439); Presentation (1,583); Book (15,068); Technical Report (2,458); Research Paper (9,941); Article (23,596); Preprint (215); Learning Material (3,629); Data or Dataset (457); Software (8); Others (66,514).
* Participating institutions:
Aichi Univ. of Education (1,002); Akita Univ. (1,209); Asahikawa Medical College (1,165); Chiba Univ. (21,781); Doshisha Univ. (10,117); Fukushima Univ. (1,938); Gunma Univ. (3,486); Hamamatsu Univ. School of Medicine (742); Hirosaki Univ. (1,198); Hiroshima Bunkyo Women's Univ. (304); Hiroshima City Univ. (200); Hiroshima Institute of Technology (183); Hiroshima International Univ. (29); Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin Univ. (79); Hiroshima Univ. (17,568); Hiroshima Univ. of Economics (914); Hitotsubashi Univ. (14,469); Hitotsubashi Univ. (Special Collections); (5,235); Hokkaido Univ. (26,024); Hokkaido Univ. of Education (782); Hosei Univ. (1,980); Hyogo Univ. of Teacher Education (1,483); Ibaraki Univ. (627); Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization (646); Iwate Univ. (2,604); Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (6,367); Kagoshima Univ. (4,793); Kanagawa Institute of Technology (947); Kanazawa Univ. (14,387); Kanto Gakuin Univ. (535); Keio Univ. (12,961); Kinki Univ. (540); Kitami Institute of Technology (927); Kobe Univ. (7,060); Kochi Univ. (1,016); Kochi Univ. of Technology (290); Kokushikan Univ. (3,143); Kumamoto Univ. (5,973); Kure Univ. (122); Kwansei Gakuin Univ. (469); Kyoto Institute of Technology (603); Kyoto Univ. (42,357); Kyushu Institute of Technology (1,153); Kyushu Univ. (10,161); Meiji Univ. (1,036); Mie Univ. (6,495); Muroran Institute of Technology (355); Nagasaki Univ. (15,118); Nagoya Institute of Technology (156); Nagoya Univ. (7,603); Nara Institute of Science and Technology (3,827); Nara Univ. of Education (656); Nara Women's Univ. (422); National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya (470); National Univ. Corporation Gifu Univ. (4,473); Niigata Univ. (5,703); Ochanomizu Univ. (18,182); Oita Univ. (9,293); Okayama Univ. (9,718); Onomichi Univ. (425); Osaka Kyoiku Univ. (2,712); Osaka Univ. (11,760); Otaru Univ. of Commerce (1,902); Ritsumeikan Univ. , Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific Univ. (63); Saitama Univ. (2,707); Seigakuin Univ. (133); Shimane Univ. (4,341); Shinshu Univ. (2,141); Shizuoka Univ. (2,555); The Japanese Red Cross Hiroshima College of Nursing (104); The Jikei Univ. School of Medicine (1,738); The Univ. of Tokyo (12,286); Tohoku Univ. (28,568); Tokyo Dental College (649); Tokyo Gakugei Univ. (3,877); Tokyo Institute of Technology (147,100); Tokyo Univ. of Foreign Studies (1,747); Tokyo Univ. of Marine Science and Technology (487); Universiry of Hiroshima Jogakuin (80); Univ. of Fukui (1,051); Univ. of Miyazaki (1,236); Univ. of Toyama (2,303); Univ. of Tsukuba (20,192); Univ. of the Ryukyus (3,962); Utsunomiya Univ. (3,266); Waseda Univ. (13,131); Yamagata Univesity (2,022); Yamaguchi Univ. (4,142); Yokohama National Univ. (3,048).
* About JAIRO.

[A bi-lingual (JP, EN) site which acts as a gateway to hitherto unidexed, or inadequately indexed Deep Web of the scholarly information in Japan. In Mar 2009 JAIRO provided access to 592,804 full text documents held by 89 organisations. - ed.]

URL http://jairo.nii.ac.jp/en/

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by: T. Matthew Ciolek (tmciolek--at--coombs.anu.edu.au)

* Resource type [news - documents - study - corporate info. - online guide]:
Study/Documents/Online Guide
* Publisher [academic - business - government - library/museum - NGO - other]:
* Scholarly usefulness [essential - v.useful - useful - interesting - marginal]:
* External links to the resource [over 3,000 - under 3,000 - under 1,000
- under 300 - under 100 - under 30]: over 3,000 [in fact, over 8000]

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