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13 May 2009

Circassian World :: Adyghe - Abkhaz History & Culture


13 May 2009

www.circassianworld.com, Ankara, Turkey & Scottsdale, AZ, US.

"The main purposes of the Circassian World website [Est. 21 Feb 2005 - ed.] are: * To generate an informational resource for Circassians and non-Circassians who wish to learn more about the heritage, culture, and history of the Adyghe-Abkhaz people; * To strengthen the Circassian national identity and consciousness through informational resources about the Circassian history and heritage; * To support and work with other organizations to revive the practice of Circassian history, culture, and language; * To collect all types of literature and literary documents about Circassians written in all languages - especially in English and in French - and to translate them into languages spoken by the majority of the Circassian people; * To educate the world about the 1763-1864 war in which the Circassians fought against Russia, but finally defeated. To teach the world that fact that Russian conquest led to the massacre and biggest genocide of the nineteenth century committed against the Circassian nation by Czarist Russia and the eventual forced deportation of the Circassian people to countries throughout the world; * To strengthen communication and relationships amongst Circassians all around the world."

Site contents:
* Articles (Circassians, War and Genocide, North Caucasus, Mythology, General, Diaspora, Language, Art and Literature); * News (latest events, Headlines, Diaspora, Culture, Sport, Interview, Analysis, Key Texts, Events); * Links (News & Information Portals (20), Non-Governmental Organizations (19), Culture & Research (17), Circassian Republics (18), Language (7), Art (16).); * About * Contact * Blog [http://circassianworld.blogspot.com/] * Gallery (Historical (24 pictures), Weaponry (12), Maps (54), Random photos about Circassians (34)); * Search; * Events; * Blog News; * Circassian World (CW) Newsletter (email edition); * Historical Maps.

URL http://www.circassianworld.com/new/

Link reported by: T. Matthew Ciolek (tmciolek--at--coombs.anu.edu.au)

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.circassianworld.com

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