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31 August 2009

Kitab - History and Culture of Southern Uzbekistan


31 Aug 2009

www.kitab.uz, Termez, Uzbekistan.

"KITAB.UZ is a website [est. in Sep 2007 by Otabek OGULYAMOV - ed.] dedicated to creation and maintenance of digital historical, literal and cultural works about Southern Uzbekistan. Scholars, students and all individuals who are interested in the following topics are welcomed to browse our pages."

Site contents:
* Archaeology (incl. articles such as : #Kampirtepa - the Greek crossing on the Amudarya, #Chag'oniyonga sayohat, #Budrach xarobasidan topilgan o'rta asrlarga oid bronza buyumlar xazinasi, #Central Asia in the Kushan Period - archaeological studies by Soviet scholars, #Termez, #Ayrtam, #Kampyr Tepe-Pandokheion - Les Grecs ont traverse l'Oxus, #Shimoli-g'arbiy Tohariston rivojlangan o'rta asrlar davri moddiy madaniyati - Arxeologiya va yozma manbalar asosida, #O'rta Osiyo arxeologining shakllanishi);
* Ethnography (incl. articles such as: #Traditional Kashkadarya Female Clothing of the First Half of the 20th Century, #The multimedia compact disk 'Boysun', #Taqinchoqlar yaratilishi va tarqalishi tarixidan - Surxondaryo viloyati misolida, XIX asr oxiri XX asr boshlari, #Kiyimlar bilan bog'liq urf-odatlar, #Ayollar pardozi tarixidan);
* Kongrats [results of a research project "The Kongrat group identities throughout contemporary Central Asia. Changes and continuities in 'tribal' culture": Research Guide, Illustrations);
* History (incl. articles such as: #Dichtung als Quelle der Untersuchung des staedtischen Selbstbewusstseins der Menschen im Mittelalter, #Timurids and Termez Sayyids, #Balxdagi Navbahor ibodathonasi haqida tarixiy ma'lumotlar, #Hoshimgird shahri nomining kelib chikishi masalasiga doir); * Vocabulary [An encyclopaedic dictionary, from A: A Rise of Mangits (1747-1758), Achaemenids, Agriculture (Bactria), Agriculture (Hellenic Period), Airtam, Ak-Astana-Bobo Mausoleum, Amu Darya Treasure, The, Anakhita, Ancient Bactria, Ancient Cults, Antique City, Antique Sources, Arab Conquest, Archeology of Termez, Architecture in the Kushan Period, Armenian Sources, Army and Arms (Hellenic Period), Army and Arms (Kushan Epoch), Army and Arms (the State of Amir Temur), Art Metal (Early Middle Ages), Art Metal Working (Hellenic Period), through M: Machay Grotto, Madrasah of Seyid Atalik, Manichaeism, Mausoleum of Khakimi at-Termezi, Medieval Christian Temple in Termez, Medieval Jewellery, Mesolithic Period, The, Metallurgy and Art Metal, Modern Termez, Mukanna's Revolt, Murals of Balalik-Tepa, Murals of Khalchayan, Musa b. Abdallah, Music and Musical Instruments, to Z: Zaraut-Kamar, Zoroastrian Deities, Zoroastrianism - ed.];
* Image Library [Southern Uzbekistan Historical Database: 884 photographs - ed.];
* Search.

[A site, predominantly in English, with occasional elements in French, German, Uzbek, and Russian - ed.]

URL http://www.kitab.uz/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.kitab.uz/

Link reported by: T Matthew Ciolek (tmciolek--at--coombs.anu.edu.au)

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