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30 March 2004

Bernard Lewis Links


www.zionist.org, Los Angeles, CA, US

"Bernard Lewis Links, By Alan D. Miller, Posted on February 9, 2004 I haven't seen a good collection of links to internet-available articles by Middle East Historian Bernard Lewis [Cleveland E. Dodge Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Emeritus, Princeton University, www.princeton.edu/~nes/profiles/Lewis.htm - ed.]. So I'm going to try to start listing some here. Hopefully I will have time to update this more in the future [...] Please let me know (questions@zionist.org) if you find any articles that I have missed. (I'm sure that there are quite a few.) -adm."

Site contents:
Hyperlinks to * Islamic Revolution, The New York Review of Books, Jan 21, 1988; * Islamic Revolution: An Exchange, The New York Review of Books, Apr 28, 1988; * The Roots of Muslim Rage, The Atlantic Monthly, Sep 1990; * The Vanished Library, The New York Review of Books, Sep 27, 1990; * Khomeini's Forerunners, The New York Review of Books, Jun 25, 1992; * Islam and Liberal Democracy, The Atlantic Monthly, Feb 1993; * The Enemies of God, The New York Review of Books, Mar 25, 1993; * Why Turkey Is the only Muslim Democracy, The Middle East Quarterly, Mar 1994; * The Middle East, Westernized Despite Itself, The Middle East Quarterly, Mar 1996; * What does it mean to be haunted by one's past?, MEF Wire, Oct 1, 1996; * Islam and Liberal Democracy: A Historical Overview, Journal of Democracy 7.2 (1996) 52-63 ; * The West and the Middle East, Foreign Affairs, Jan 1997; * Muslim Anti-Semitism, The Middle East Quarterly, Jun 1998; * The Multiple Identities of the Middle East, MEF Wire, Nov 16, 1999; * Iran in History, Middle Eastern Lectures, 2001; * Jihad vs. Crusade, The Wall Street Journal, Sep 27, 2001; * The Revolt of Islam, The New Yorker, Nov 19, 2001; * What Went Wrong?, The Atlantic Monthly, Jan 2002; * A War of Resolve, The Wall Street Journal, Apr 26, 2002 ; * Deconstructing Osama, The Wall Street Journal, Aug 23, 2002 ; * Targeted by a History of Hatred, The Washington Post, Sep 10, 2002; * Time for Toppling, The Wall Street Journal, Sep 28, 2002 ; * A Question, and Answers, The Wall Street Journal, Apr 6, 2003; * I'm Right, You're Wrong, Go To Hell, The Atlantic Monthly, May 2003; * Put the Iraqis in Charge, The Wall Street Journal, Aug 29, 2003; * King and Country, The Wall Street Journal, Oct 29, 2003 (with R. James Woolsey); * Democracy and the Enemies Of Freedom, The Wall Street Journal, Dec 28, 2003; * Excerpt from Race and Slavery in the Middle East, Oxford University Press, 1994.


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