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10 December 2004

IndiaDemocracy: Gateway to Good Governance


www.IndiaDemocracy.com, Hyderabad, India

Supplied note:
"Two years back on 10th December 2004, www.IndiaDemocracy.com was launched by the then Chief Minister Shri. N. Chandrababu Naidu in his office. Since then, we have come a long way in supporting online democracy and involving more and more citizens and elected officials with [our site ...] Reporting about 7,000 registered users and active participation and contribution from over 500 members in the form of feedbacks, suggestions, articles, discussions and debates in our Issues, Forums and Polls give us a sense of achievement and motivation to carry on further. - pb."

"Indiademocracy is a comprehensive pro-democracy non-profit portal. Provides an interactive communication platform for citizens to contact their elected representatives."

Site contents:
* Articles; * Issues (Government, Tax & Revenue, Criminal Justice, Women's Right, Energy, Immigration, Education, Tourism, Environment, Social Justice, Terrorism, International Relations, Foreign policy, Indian Policy); * Elected (Governers, Chief Ministers, MP Search, Ministry Search, Search in State); * Communicate; * Forums;
* Resources (National Symbols, About India, Rajya Sabha Links, Lok Sabha, State Links, Vice Presidents, Prime Minister List, Presidents List); * Support.


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