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13 October 2004

The Contemporary Okinawa Website


John Michael Purves, Kin-Cho, Kunigami-Gun, Okinawa-Ken, Japan

Supplied note:
"A very nice Okinawa/Ryukyu site which may be of interest to others - gw."

"The Contemporary Okinawa Website was established in 1995 as an educational, public resource for information on Okinawa in English. Given that I was then researching the economic, political, and social history of Okinawa (particularly the post-WWII period), and because there was a distinct lack of such information available to the reader in English, I thought a devoted website might fill the void. I believed then, as I still do, that the World Wide Web would become a powerful research tool to complement the physical libraries and other centres of information we use and love, but with far greater accessibility. My intention has always been to update this site regularly, but you know what they say about the best laid plans. I prefer these days to see it as a place where I can add bits here and there as my research continues. [...] john michael purves."

Site contents:
Latest; Archive [see Archive Contents below - ed.]; Links; Contents;Wild Horse; Opinion; Books; Kin Town; Images.

Archive Contents:
* The Constitution of the Empire of Japan - 1889 * The Hague Convention (Respecting the Customs of War on Land), 18th October 1907 * Cairo Communique, 1st December 1943 * Joint Declaration of the Assembly of Greater East Asiatic Nations, 5th November 1943 * The Yalta Agreement - 11th February 1945 * Nimitz Proclamation (No. 1), April 1945 * Potsdam Declaration (United States, China, and the United Kingdom), 26th July 1945

* US Initial Post-Surrender Policy for Japan, September 1945 * The Constitution of Japan - 1946 * The Birth of the Constitution of Japan * Enclosure to Dispatch No. 1293, 22nd September 1947 * Emperor of Japan's Opinion Concerning the Future of the Ryukyu Islands, 22nd September 1947 * Special Proclamation No. 36 - "Certification of Land Title" - 14th April 1950 * (MacArthur's) Memorandum on Postwar Security for Japan - June 1950 * Multilateral Treaty of Peace With Japan, 8th September 1951 (Selected Text) * John Foster Dulles on "Residual Sovereignty", 8th September 1951 * Japan-U.S. Security Treaty, 8th September 1951 * Shigeru Yoshida Presenting the Peace Treaty for Ratification, 12th October 1951 * CA Proclamation No. 13 - "Establishment of the Government of the Ryukyu Islands" - 29th February 1952 * CA Ordinance No. 91 - "Authority to Contract" - 1st November 1952 * CA Ordinance No. 109 - "Land Acquisition Procedure" - 3rd April 1953 * CA Ordinance No. 110 - "Procedure for Payment of Compensation for Land Acquisition" - 10th April 1953 * CA Proclamation No. 26 - "Compensation for Use of Real Estate Within Military Areas" - 5th December 1953 * CA Ordinance No. 120 - "Compensation for Use of Real Estate Within Military Areas" - 9th December 1953 * Amami Islands Reversion Agreement - 24th December 1953 * CA Proclamation No. 27 - "Geographical Boundaries of the Ryukyu Islands" -25th December 1953 * CA Ordinance No. 105 - "Authority to Accomplish Execution of Leases..." - 23rd March 1955 * The Melvin Price Report, 8th June 1956 * Eisenhower's Executive Order No. 10713, 5th June 1957 * CA Ordinance No. 171 - "Authority to Enter Upon Lands for Investigation and/or Survey Purposes" - 25th June 1957 * Kishi-Eisenhower Joint Communique, 21st June 1957 * HICOM Ordinance No. 18 - "Acquisition of Leasehold Interest" - 13th Jan 1959 * HICOM Ordinance No.19 - "Establishment of the United States Land Tribunal for the Ryukyu Islands" - 21st January 1959 * HICOM Ordinance No. 20 - "Acquisition of Leasehold Interest" - 12th February 1959 * Agreement Under Article VI of the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security Between the U.S. and Japan, Regarding Facilities and Areas and the Status of U.S. Armed Forces in Japan (The Status of Forces Agreement, or SOFA),19th January 1960

* Remarks of High Commissioner Paul W. Carraway, 5th March 1963 * Sato-Johnson Communique, 13th January 1965 * Address by Lieutenant General Unger, 2nd November 1966 * Sato-Nixon Communique, 21st November 1969 * (Secret) Agreed Minute to the Sato-Nixon Communique, 21st November 1969 * Statement by U. Alexis Johnson to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, January 1970 * The Okinawa Reversion Agreement, 17th June 1971 * Sato-Nixon Communique, San Clemente, 7th January 1972

* Joint Announcement of the Japan-US Security Consultative Committee - 27/9/95 * Protest Resolution Adopted at the Okinawan Peoples Rally - 20/10/95 * U.S. Department of Defence News Briefing with Joseph Nye - 27/10/95 * Base Return Action Programme (Proposal), January, 1996 * Japan-US Special Action Committee (SACO) Interim Report - 15/4/96 * Japanese Cabinet Decision Regarding Efforts to Resolve Issues in Okinawa - 16/4/96 * US-Japan Joint Declaration on Security - 17/4/96
* Remarks by President Clinton to the Japanese Diet - 18/4/96 * Press Conference by the Japanese Press Secretary - 21/5/96 * Okinawa Governor Ota's Comments on The Supreme Court Decision - 28/8/96 * Statement by the Japanese Press Secretary - 10/9/96 * Two plus Two Meeting of the Japan-US Security Consultative Committee - 19/9/96 * Press Conference by the Press Secretary of the Japanese Government - 8/10/96 * The Cosmopolitan City Okinawa Plan - 11/96 * Joint Announcement by the Japan-US Security Consultative Committee - 2/12/96 * Final SACO Report - 2/12/96 * Final SACO Report (Futenma Air Base supplement) - 2/12/96 * Background Briefing on Defence Secretary Cohen's Trip to CINCPAC, Korea and Japan - 3/4/97 * Clinton-Hashimoto Joint Statement - 25/4/97 * The Okinawa Industrial and Economic Promotion and Deregulation Report (The "Tanaka Report") July, 1997 * Joint Statement on the US-Japan Security Consultative Committee - 23/9/97 * Press Conference following the US-Japan Security Consultative Committee Meeting - 23/9/97 * Sea-Based Facility (SBF) DOD Functional Analysis and Concept of Operations - 3rd Sept, 1997 * Towards the Formation of Cosmopolitan City Okinawa: A New Industrial Promotion Policy - 4/11/97 * Materials Prepared by the Naha Branch of the Defence Facilities Administration Bureau of the Japanese Defence Agency on the Proposed Offshore Heliport in the Henoko District of Nago City - Undated, mid to late-1997 * Materials Prepared by the Naha Branch of the Defence Facilities Administration Bureau of the Japanese Defence Agency on Proposed Economic Stimulation Measures for Nago City and the Northern Region of Okinawa Island - Undated, mid to late-1997 * Department of Defence News Briefing with US Secretary of Defence William Cohen - 21/1/98 * Governor Ota's Announcement on the Offshore Heliport - 6/2/98 * US General Accounting Office, "Overseas Presence: Issues Involved in Reducing the Impact of the US Military Presence on Okinawa," March, 1998 * Summary of a Field Study on Public Health around US Bases in Okinawa - March, 1998 * US Department of Defence, "Security Strategy for the East Asia-Pacific Region," November, 1998 * Statement Demanding the Recall of Nago Mayor Kishimoto - 27th December, 1999 * President Clinton's Address at the Peace Memorial Park, Okinawa - 21st July, 2000
* Rand Corporation, "The United States and Asia: Toward a New US Strategy and Force Posture," May 2001 * US General Accounting Office, "Military Training: Limitations Exist Overseas but are not Reflected in Readiness Reporting," April 2002 * US Ambassador to Japan, Howard Baker - "Okinawa and the US-Japan Relationship" - Speech to the Okinawa Federation of Economic Organisations, Naha, Okinawa, February 2003

* Okinawa: A Chronology of News Events 1995-1996 * Island of Mlitary Bases: A Contemporary Political and Economic History of Okinawa * The Okinawa Referendum 1996 * The Nago Referendum 1997 * The Unofficial Constitution of the Republic of Ryukyu * 'Ryukyu kyowakoku kempo' * Higa Mikio's famous 'Okinawa jichishu kosoron' from the December 1971 edition of 'Chuo Koron' * The 'Fuyu' website * Okinawa Citizens, US Bases, and the Dugong * Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, "An Alternative Future for the Region of Camp Pendleton, California," 1997


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