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30 September 2004

Clan Homes in Fujian


www.chinadwelling.dk, Copenhagen, Denmark

Supplied note:
"The tulous (clan homes in earth walled building) of the Fujian Province represent an epoch in China's history which is now closed, both technologically and socially. Today there are cheaper and faster methods of home construction. Nevertheless the interest in these very special structures has increased since the 1980's. They were built in response to a specific historical situation, with a cohesive clan structure and a weak state that could not manifest its power at the periphery. The reduced importance of the clan today is a logical result of changed social structure. The author, Jens Aaberg-Jorgensen, who is a Danish architect, focuses on three questions 1.Why do the tulou have such a closed and defensive nature? 2.Why are some tulou circular? 3.Why did the building of tulou cease? The article includes a survey of a round tulou: Zhenchenglou in Hongkeng. - jaj."

Site contents:
Hongkeng - A Village in Fujian; Construction; Case of Survey; Links and [bibliographic] Sources; Acknowledgement


Internet Archive
(www.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by:
Jens Aaberg-Jorgensen (jens.aaberg@get2net.dk)

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