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29 September 2004

Silk Road Seattle Project


Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, US.

Supplied note:
"A number of significant additions have been made to Silk Road Seattle [see the URL below] since the beginning of the [2004] summer. Silk Road Seattle is a non-profit educational project of the Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities at the University of Washington. [...] The web design and other contributions to the site are the work of Lance Jenott, an M.A. candidate in Comparative Religion at the University of Washington. Silk Road Seattle encourages submission of material. We are especially interested in short essays, translations of historical texts, and image collections which can then be incorporated into other web pages and educational publications. [...] Should you have material or suggestions about the project, please contact its director, Prof. Daniel C. Waugh (dwaugh@u.washington.edu).

The new material includes: 1. Historical Texts - *A new, extensively annotated translation by John Hill of the section on the 'Peoples of the West' in the Weilue. [...] *Prof. Nicholas Sims-Williams' translations of Ancient Sogdian Letters nos. 1 and 3, joining letters 2 and 5, which we posted previously. *Prof. Colin Mackerras' annotated translation of the 'New T'ang History' (Hsin T'ang-shu) sections on the Uighurs. *The text of the 'Periplus of the Erythraean Sea,' [..] 2. Cities and Architecture - *Prof. Albert Dien's essay on Palmyra [..] *An illustrated essay on Constantinople [...] *An illustrated essay on Karakorum [...]. *Illustrated essays on Ephesus and on Mshatta [...]. *A number of image galleries, courtesy of Franklin and Ruth Harold. *19th-century lithographs of Petra by David Roberts. 3. A new section on Museum Collections featuring *detailed annotations of museum websites; *More than 1100 photographs taken in several major collections [...]. Highlights include images from the Turfan Collection of the Museum of Indian Art in Berlin, the Stein Collection in the National Museum in New Delhi, and the Fine Arts Museum in Ulaanbaatar. 4. Under Traditional Culture two contributions by University of Washington Ph.D. candidate Elmira Kochumkulkizi: *A description of her 'traditional' Kyrgyz wedding, including photographs and video clips; *Her draft translation of the important Kyrgyz epic 'Kojojash' [...] 5. Additions to our Silk Road Atlas, including historical maps of China by Fei Yang. - dcw."


Internet Archive

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Daniel C. Waugh (dwaugh@u.washington.edu)

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