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12 August 2004

Meta-Guide to Indonesia: Annotated Bibliography of post-1990 Bibliographies on Indonesia


Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

"Meta-Guide to Indonesia: Annotated Bibliography of post-1990 Bibliographies on Indonesia by George Miller [final version, completed 12 Aug 2004 - ed.].
* Purpose: This work is an update of Herman C. Kemp's 1990 publication, Annotated Bibliography of Bibliographies on Indonesia (Leiden, KITLV Press) which is the most comprehensive published guide to Indonesian studies to that point in time. It is hoped that this present work, in its electronic form a part of the Indonesian Studies WWW VL [a sub-section of the Asian Studies WWW VL (coombs.anu.edu.au/WWWVL-AsianStudies.html) - ed.], will be a first-stop entry to the increasingly wide range of current research material on Indonesia published since 1990. Reader's comments and suggestions for improvements and addenda to this meta-bibliography are warmly invited.
* Scope: The work lists bibliographies and catalogues on Indonesia published [in print and electronically - ed.] since 1990, attempting in general terms to follow the selection criteria and arrangement set out by Kemp, with the exception that it includes bibliographies in electronic form. The main source for the material has been the Library of The Australian National University, and the National Library of Australia, Canberra. Works have been limited to those in English, Indonesian and Dutch.
* Structure: The entries for each bibliography are arranged alphabetically by author. Each entry consists of eight data fields, namely, ID number, Author, Title (including imprint, collation, serials title and ISBN/ISSN), Coverage, Number of items, Structure, Evaluation and Location. [...]
* Compiler and copyright holder: George Miller has worked in the field of Indonesian bibliography and librarianship for many years. He set-up the National Library of Australia's Jakarta office in 1969, was Southeast Asian Librarian at the ANU between 1974 and 1997 and was editor of the monthly email list, 'Recent Indonesian Publications' between 1998 and 2002."

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