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03 May 2004

Birth of the Constitution of Japan


National Diet Library, Tokyo, Japan

Supplied note:
"The National Diet Library's online exhibition, 'Birth of the Constitution of Japan' presents the major events and important documents involved in the framing and enactment of Japan's Constitution. The exhibition was updated on May 3, 2004 with the addiction of 81 new documents and a new section of main issues.
This Web's exhibition includes not only the basic documents such as Imperial Rescript on the Signing of the Instrument of Surrender, September 2, 1945, but also main issues such as Popular Sovereignty and the Emperor System. - mm."

[A bi-lingual (JP, EN) site - ed.]

Site contents:
* Birth of the Constitution; * Outline; * Documents with Commentaries; * Part 1: Military Defeat and Efforts to Reform the Constitution; * Part 2: Creation of Various Proposals to Reform the Constitution; * Part 3: Formulation of the GHQ Draft and Response of the Japanese Government; * Part 4: Deliberations in the Imperial Diet; * Part 5: Enactment of the Constitution of Japan; * Main Issues; * Archives; * Historical Figures; * Glossary and Abbreviations; * List of Documents; * Chronological Table; * The Constitution and Other Documents ; * Links; * Bibliography; * About This Site.


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Mizuno Mitsuaki (mizuno-m@sa.starcat.ne.jp)

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