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02 May 2004

Maritime [Archaeology] Asia


maritimeasia.ws, ?Malaysia

Supplied note:
"A website devoted to trade-ships that came from China to Malaysia. One part contains the online exhibition of 7 wrecks, 'Discovering Asia's ceramic development over half a millennium - through shipwrecks of the 14th to 19th centuries' (part of the exhibition 'Maritime archaeology Malaysia' which opened in November 2001 at Muzium Negara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). The website also includes all the content of an article by Sten Sjostrand and Claire Barnes, 'Turiang: a fourteenth century Chinese shipwreck, upsetting Southeast Asian ceramic history,' that has been published in: Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Vol LXXIV part 1 (no. 280), 2001, p. 71-109. Topic pages are supplementary to the principal sections of the site: the Chronology provides an overview of Asian maritime trade up to 1700, drawing on historical sources from many countries and new archaeological evidence. 'Malaysia at the crossroads' explains the wealth of historic shipwrecks around the country. - ma."
"The site provides links also to a sister site Maritime Lanka (cf.hum.uva.nl/galle/) which at present deals mostly with stone anchors and a wreck of 'Avondster ' (1659), a Dutch East Indiaman, in the port of Galle. - tmciolek."

Site contents:
(1) Exhibition: Seven shipwrecks; (2) Specific ships - Tg.Simpang (C10-12), Turiang (c.1370), Desaru (c.1845); (3) Topic pages (Chronology; Malaysia; Ship types; Iron; Compass; Soundings; Tioman); (4) What's new; (5) People/contacts.


Internet Archive

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Matthias Arnold / Internet Guide for Chinese Studies (http://www.sino.uni-heidelberg.de/igcs/), forwarded by Hanno Lecher.

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