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04 April 2004

Images of Australia in Asian Languages


The National Library of Australia (NLA), Canberra, Australia

Supplied note:
"The National Library of Australia seeks to collect Asian language Australiana comprehensively. This includes works published overseas in Asian languages where the subject is wholly or substantially Australian. It also includes Asian language books published in Australia, as well as Asian language editions and translations of Australian authors, whether published locally or overseas. The Asian Collections contain some 3000 Australiana monographs in Japanese, 1000 in Chinese and around 200 in other Asian languages. In addition there are many journal and newspaper articles about Australia in these languages.
An introduction to these holdings, 'Images of Australia in Asian Languages' by Andrew Gosling [NLA's Chief Librarian, Asian Collections from 1985 to 2003 - ed.] is included in 'National Library of Australia News,' volume XIV number 7, April 2004, pp. 14-17 and on the Library's website at [the URL below].
The article illustrates the wide range of these contemporary and older publications. It also describes the Asian Accounts of Australia Project, which has provided greater access to selected Chinese and Japanese language monograph and serial holdings reflecting Asian perceptions of Australia. The Project was carried out by the National Library, the Australian National University and Griffith University, with funding from the Australian Research Council. - ag."

[The article provides links to the NLA's eight annotated bibliographies of Chinese and Japanese Australiana [www.nla.gov.au/asian/accounts/], the project's final conference, 'As Others See Us', held at the National Library in February 2003, and to the abstracts of the conference papers [www.geocities.com/australiana2003 - ed.]


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Andrew Gosling (andrewgosling@netspeed.com.au)

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