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30 March 2004

Albert Herrmann, 1935, Historical and Commercial Atlas of China


map.huhai.net, ?China

[The site publishes maps (but not the text, bibliographical references, or index) published in: Albert Herrmann. 1935. Historical and commercial atlas of China. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press - ed.]

Site contents:
Fifty-nine digitised maps [about 170KB each] - * Physical Geography with the Boundaries of Ancient China; * Prehistoric Sites in China; * The Beginnings of Ancient China, 1900-1300 B.C.; * China at the End of the Shang or Yin Dynasty. ca.1110 B.C. (Inset-The Geography of the Yu-kung according to the Confucian Tradition); * Original Centre of Ancient China; * The Chou Dynasty, 11th-9th Centuries B.C.; * Chun-ch'iu Period, 722-482 B.C. (Insets-The Nine Provinces-The Home of Confucius); * The Contending States-Boundaries of 350 B.C.; * The Hsiung-nu or Huns in Central Asia, 176 and 128-36 B.C.; * The Ts'in Dynasty, 255-206 B.C.; * Economic Development under the Earlier Han Dynasty, ca. 100 B.C.; * Lo-yang and Ch'ang-an, Ancient and Modern; * China under the Earlier and Later Han Dynasties, 206 B.C.-220 A.D.; * China in Central Asia, 114 B.C.-127 A.D. (Inset-Ancient Frontier Line near Tun-huang); * The Three Kingdoms, 220-265/280 A.D.; * Asia, ca. 610 A.D.; * The Western Tsin Dynasty, 265-316 A.D. (Insets-The Western Region-The Ruins of Lou-lan); * The Sixteen States and the Empire of ther Eastern Tsin Dynasty, 317-420 A.D.; * Eastern, Central and Southern Asia, ca. 440 A.D.; * The Southern Ch'i and the Northern Wei Dynasties-Boundaries of 500 A.D.; * The Divisions of China, 535-560 A.D.; * Asia, ca. 610 A.D.; * The Sui Dynasty, 581-618 A.D.; * China in Central Asia, 660 A.D. (Inset-The Ruins of Kucha); * Asia, ca. 750 A.D.; * The T'ang Dynasty, 618-906 A.D.-Boundaries of 700 A.D.; * The Five Dynasties, 907-960 A.D.; * The Sung, Liao and Chin Dynasties, 960-1280 A.D. (Inset-The Delta of the Yangtse); * Manchuria and Mongolia under the Liao (Kitan) Dynasty, 937-1125 A.D.; * Foreign Religions in Central Asia and China up to the 14th Century A.D.; * Eastern, Central and Southern Asia, 1141 A.D. (Inset-The Ruins near Turfan-The Ruins of Hui-ning); * K'ai-feng and Hang-chou, Ancient and Modern; * Beginnings of the Mongol Empire-Boundaries of 1234 A.D.; * Asia under the Mongols, 1290 A.D. (Inset-The Ruins of Karakorum-The Ruins of Shang-tu); * The Yuan (Mongol) Dynasty, 1280-1368 A.D.; * Europe in search of new Routes to India and China, 1486-1616 A.D. (Inset-Toscanelli's Map, 1474 A.D.); * Asia during the Ming Dynasty - Boundaries of 1415 A.D. (Inset-The Northwestern Frontier of China); * The Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644 A.D. - Boundaries of 1580 A.D.; * Peking and Nanking, Ancient and Modern; * Eastern, Central and Southern Asia, 1760 A.D. (Inset-The Summer Residence of Jehol); * Chinese Turkistan, 1820 A.D.; * The Manchu Empire and the European Powers, 1644-1912 A.D.; * The Ch'ing (Manchu) Dynasty-Boundaries of 1900 A.D.; * Peiping-Tientsin, Kuan-tung, Wei-hai-wei, Kiaochou, Shanghai, Kuang-Chou-wang, Canton-Macao-Hongkong; * Wu-han, Tientsin, Nanking-Shanghai, the Plain of Ch'eng-tu, Canton or Fan-yu; * The Chinese Republic with Tibet and Mongolia-Political, Racial, and Linguistic (Inset - The Modern Subdivisions of the Mongol Republic); * Modern Northwest China-Political; * Modern Chinese Turkistan (Hsin-chiang)-Political and Economic; * Modern Northeastern China-Political; * Modern Manchuria-Political (Inset-Mukden); * Modern Manchuria and Mongolia-Economic (Inset-Foreign Trade of Manchuria for 1930); * Modern Southeastern China-Political (Inset-Hai-nan); * Modern Tibet (Hsi-K'ang and Hsi-tsang) - Political and Economic (Inset-Lhasa); * Modern Southwestern China-Political; * Modern China-Agriculture and Live Stock; * Modern China-Minerals and Mining; * Modern China-Industries; * Modern China-Traffic and Communications (Inset-Foreign Trade of China proper); * Chinese abroad, ca. 1930 A.D.


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