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01 April 2004

Asia House Library


Das Asienhaus, German Asia Foundation, Essen, Germany

Supplied note:
"On this website the catalogue of the Library of Asia House [www.asienhaus.org] is presented. At the moment the database contains about 18,000 titles of books and articles. The regional focus is on South East and East Asia. Search in the database is possible in English and German for titles, authors and keywords. - kf."

"The German Asia Foundation was founded in 1992 to promote the dialogue with the countries of Asia and the Asians living here and to support the initiatives and organisations participating in it. It is politically and economically independent and works here as well as in Asia for human dignity and against oppression, for overcoming prejudices and the realization of social justice. [...] The current members of the German Asia Foundation are its founder, Professor Dr.Guenter Freudenberg, the Korea Association, the Philippines Bureau, the South Asia Bureau, the Tibet Support Group Germany and the Association for Development Education about Southeast Asia."


Internet Archive

Link reported by:
Klaus Fritsche (k.fritsche@asienhaus.de)

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