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04 April 2004

Observer Research Foundation (ORF), India


Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi, India

"Visualised and supported by a cross-section of India's leading intellectuals, academics, public figures, social activists, business leaders and institutions of higher learning, Observer Research Foundation was established on September 5, 1990 as a non-profit, public policy think-tank. [...] ORF Objectives: * Aid and impact formulation of policies and evolve policy alternatives. * Create a climate conducive to effective implementation of these policies. * Strengthen India's democratic institutions to enable coherent, reasoned and consistent policy-making. * Provide reasoned and consensual inputs representing a broad section of opinion to improve governance, accelerate economic development, and ensure a better quality of life for all Indians. * Monitor strategic environment. * Work towards achieving international peace, harmony, and co-operation. * Give direction to India's long-range foreign policy objectives."

Site contents:
* About us; * Institutes (ORF Institute of Asian Studies, ORF Institute of Security Studies, ORF Institute of Economy and Development, ORF Institute of Politics and Governance); * Chapters; * Analysis; * Research (US-India Strategic Dialogue organised by ORF and RAND, ORF-Brookings Project on Islam and Democracy: The Asian Experience, ORF-National Defense University (Washington) Project on Gulf Security, Forum of Federations-ORF Project on Decentralisation of Healthcare in India, ORF - Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Joint International Conference, Iran: 25 Years after the Revolution, Maoist Insurgency in Nepal: The Challenge And The Response, Left-wing Extremism in India, India Nepal Track II, Status of National Security Studies in South Asia, Status of US Studies in India, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh: A Hindu Powerhouse, Kashmiri Pandits: Problems and Prospects, Employment Generation and 8% Growth Rate in India, Prospects for Energy Cooperation with India's Extended Neighbourhood, Energy Efficiency Report, Study on Agricultural Growth, Pakistan [100 personalities] Profiles Project, ORF Global Directory of Research Institutions on Asia, Situation Reports on Pakistan Politics, Economics and Provinces, Pakistan's Foreign Policy, Status Report on Terrorism Studies in India, Bibliography on Governance); * Reports; * Publications (Policy Brief, Issue Brief; Monograph; Occasional papers; Strategic Trends; Books); * Partnership; * Internship; *Web Links; *Jobs; * Papers; * Events; * ORF Strategic Trends [e-journal]; * ORF Monitor [e-journal]; * News Brfiefs (Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka; China; Energy; Terrorism); * How to Reach ORF; * Search.


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