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02 May 2004

Database of Early Chinese Manuscripts


Society for the Study of Early China, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, US

"This is the full and most updated version [last update: Jan 2000 - HL] of [...] database [by Enno Giele, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan - ed.] that in an abbreviated format accompanies [...his] review article 'Early Chinese Manuscripts: Including Addenda and Corrigenda to New Sources of Early Chinese History: An Introduction to the Reading of Inscriptions and Manuscripts'; Early China 23-24 (1998-99), 247-337. It tries to assemble basic information on all known manuscripts - fully published or not - written in Chinese on bamboo, wood, and silk from the pre-imperial to the early imperial period, i.e. roughly from the -3rd to the 3rd c. However, a few other manuscripts written on or inscriptions engraved in stone, bone, or paper from adjacent periods have also been included."

Supplied note:
"An annotated bibliographic database in two parts. The first part,'Sites', is a list of 158 sites where manuscript materials have been found. Entries in this part contain the following information: Serial Number; Site; Report; Discovery date; Period; Whereabouts; Distribution; Total pieces; Total graphs. The second part, 'Manuscripts', give more details about the 287 objects themselves: Serial Number; Site contents; Material; Pieces; Size; Graphs; Script; Reproductions/Transcriptions; Remarks. - ma."


Internet Archive

Link reported by:
Matthias Arnold / Internet Guide for Chinese Studies (http://www.sino.uni-heidelberg.de/igcs/), forwarded by Hanno Lecher.

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