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14 May 2004

Women's Magazines from the [China's] Republican Period


Barbara Mittler, Institute of Chinese Studies, Heidelberg University, Germany

"Women's magazines, the first of which appeared in China in 1898, were a significant side-product from the rise of a free press based on the foreign model in late 19th century treaty port China. As public fora of discussion explicitly catering to women, they were of and by themselves indicators of some of the rapid changes in Chinese society at the time: during the first decades of the twentieth century, women from all strata of society would gradually be accepted into a reading and writing community that worked within and, more importantly, also without the confines of the home. [...]. "

Site contents:
(1) Women's Magazines (Funu shibao, 1911-1917; Shenzhou nubao, 1913; Funu zazhi, 1915-1931; Xin funu, 1920-1921; Xin nuxing, 1927-1929; Nuguang zhoukan, 1930; Linglong, 1932-1937; Nuxing texie, 1936; Zhongguo funu, 1939-1941); (2) Bibliography: (a)Women's Magazines in China; (b) Women's Magazines abroad; (c) Women in Republican China.


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Hanno Lecher / Internet Guide for Chinese Studies (http://www.sino.uni-heidelberg.de/igcs/)

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