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01 February 2005

600 Years of Urban Planning and Development in and Around Tianjin, 1404-2004


Wason Collection on East Asia, Kroch Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, US

Self description:
"[...] With the largest body of foreign architecture preserved on Chinese soil today, Tianjin represents a text book case regarding the political dimensions of colonial architecture, urban planning and the socio-economic relations between the East and the West. It was home to important historical figures, such as the last emperor of China (Pu Yi), or former President Herbert Hoover, who was stationed in Tianjin (together with the future First Lady) as an army engineer in 1899/1900; or the famous scholar Liang Qichao. [...] The exhibit aims to show how Tianjin developed as a colonial, urban 'collage city' of very diverse style and orientation; how the various parts and pieces (nine tenth of them of foreign extraction) defined themselves architecturally and socially; and how the parts constituted a functioning whole which dominated most of the economic and cultural landscape of Northern China for almost 100 years."

Site contents:
(1) Chinese Architecture; (2) Foreign Architecture; (3) Historical Background; (4) City Maps; (5) Commerce, Industries, and Finance; (6) Noteworthy People (Liang Qichao; Zhou Enlai; Pu Yi; Lord Elgin; Li Hongzhang; Eric Henry Liddell; John Hersey; Ma Sanli; Hongyi fashi (Li Shutong); Ni Ren Zhang (i.e. Zhang Mingshan); Yuan Shikai; Li Yuanhong; Cao Yu; Zhang Xueliang; Zhang Xiangwen; Herbert Hoover); (7) Expatriates.


Internet Archive

Link reported by:
Hanno E. Lecher / Internet Guide for ChinaStudies (h.e.lecher@let.leidenuniv.nl)

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