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15 January 2005

Chinese, Japanese and Western Research in Chinese Historical Metrology: A Classified Bibliography


Ulrich Theobald and Hans Ulrich Vogel, Institute for Sinology and Korean Studies, Univ. Tuebingen, Tuebingen, Germany

"The historical subjects covered by this bibliography span from the origin of the Chinese civilisation until the Qing period (1644-1911), with the inclusion of some entries referring to the Republican Period and the PRC as well as to music, as far as it focuses on metrological problems. We have tried to be as inclusive as possible in the collection of materials and the compilation of the entries, but given the output of publications nowadays and the often very marginal character of publications dealing with historical metrology this can only be a first attempt at providing historians, especially those investigating economic and institutional history, with a reference tool that may prove helpful for their research. We have not only included articles and books written in Chinese and English, but also such in Japanese, French, German, Russian, and even Korean."

Supplied note:
"This is an impressive list of both monographs and articles on the topic, although annotations to the works listed (or at least to the more important ones) are dearly missing, as are introductory remarks on each chapter. - hl."

Site contents:
(1) General Surveys on the History of Weighing and Measuring in China; (2) The Pre-Zhou Period; (3) Histories of Length Measuring from the Zhou to the Qing Period; (4) History on Capacity Measuring from the Zhou to the Qing Period; (5) History of Weighing from the Zhou to the Qing Period; (6) History of Area Measuring from the Zhou to the Qing Period; (7) Chinese Music (selected bibliography concerning measuring in music); (8) Varia Concerning Weights and Measures.

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Internet Archive (www.archive.org)
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