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01 February 2005

Morning Sun. A Film and Website about Cultural Revolution


Long Bow Group, Brookline, MA, USA

Self description:
"A range of techniques and perspectives are used in the Morning Sun website to reflect on the origins and history of the Cultural Revolution (c.1964-1976)."

Supplied note:
"The site makes extensive use of sound and film excerpts to evoke a very lively picture of the time. The quoted texts can be read in both Chinese and English, while the film or song plays. There is also a 'Search Site' function (Google) available under 'Site Map' - hl."

Site contents:
(1) About the Site; (2) Living Revolution (Listen to period music, watch excerpts from feature films, and read items such as the Little Red Book, personal diaries, and magazine articles); (3) Smash the Old World! (Read about the Four Olds, view photographs and posters); (4) Reddest Red Sun (Explore aspects of the Mao cult from buttons to medical miracles); (5) Stages of History (State-orchestrated history unfolds through dramatic events, from parades on Tiananmen Square to revolutionary model operas); (6) The East is Red (Read about The East is Red, its history and transformation from a simple folk tune to a stage epic on China's revolutionary history); (7) The Film; (8) Multimedia; (9) Images; (10) Library; (11) Sitemap.


Internet Archive

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Hanno E. Lecher / Internet Guide for ChinaStudies (h.e.lecher@let.leidenuniv.nl)

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