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24 May 2005

Axis Information and Analysis (AIA) - Global Challenges Research


Axis Information and Analysis Ltd., Herndon, VA, US

Supplied note:
"We are glad to present to you a new website - [see URL below] - of Axis Information and Analysis (AIA), an information agency that unites professionals having years of experience in collecting and analyzing information about Asia and Eastern Europe. AIA staff includes journalists, ex-diplomats, and former officers of the special services of a number of Asian and Eastern-European countries.
AIA's main attention is focused upon those states that represent a threat to regional and international security, as well as upon areas of ethnic and religious conflict. At the same time, AIA follows the events in those countries that are going through political and socio-economic cataclysms. Our website is updated several times a day, and there you can find the last and the exclusive information on abovementioned regions. - me."

Site contents:
* Military, Secret Services (subsections: Persons, Organizations, General References / Eastern Europe - Central Asia - Caucasus - Middle East - EU); * Global Policy [subsections as above - ed.]; * Extremism and Terrorism [subsections as above - ed.]; * News; * Partners; * Search; * Subscribe; * About Us.


Internet Archive (www.archive.org)
[the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by:
Michel Elbaz (elbaz@axisglobe.com)

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