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04 May 2005

Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL) Statistics Database


University of Kansas Libraries, Lawrence, KS, US

Supplied note:
"The Council on East Asian Library (CEAL) Statistics is an annual publication of statistical data of East Asian libraries and museum collections (volumes held, volumes added gross, current serials, other materials, electronic resources), expenditures (expenditures and grant support), staffing, and services in North America. CEAL annual statistics have been collected and published annually in Journal of East Asian Libraries since late 1980s. The online statistics database covers CEAL statistics from 1999 to present with a parallel hard copy publication of CEAL statistics in the February issue of JEAL, the CEAL official publication. The variety of statistical data collected is similar to that collected by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and is included in ARL's annual statistics (http://www.arl.org/stats/arlstat/index.html). CEAL statistics focus on East Asian collections and especially Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages resouces, staffing, and service to support East Asian studies in North America.

The database is searchable, with results viewable and printable in table (numbers) and graph formats. Member libraries (with password access) can view library rankings in categories of collection size, expenditures, and grant funding with filters of library type (public or private), and/or geographical region, etc. The database is also a directory of East Asian collections contact information, URLs of online catalogs, etc. The data series is the most comprehensive continuing library statistical dataset among area studies collections in North America. Statistical data published in PDF are availabe from the Committee's home page (http://www.lib.ku.edu/ceal/stat/).
The CEAL Statistics site has been created and maintained by the CEAL Statistics Committee located at the University of Kansas Libraries, Lawrence, KS since 1999. - vd."


Internet Archive

Link reported by:
Vickie Doll/Chair, CEAL Statistics Committee (vdoll@ku.edu)

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