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23 June 2005

Azijske in Afriske Studije / Asian and African Studies Quarterly


Dept. of Asian and African Studies, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Ljubljana University, Slovenia.

Supplied note:
"The quarterly review 'Asian and African Studies' has been issued at the Department of Asian and African Studies at University in Ljubljana (Slovenia) since 1997. [...] The review mainly contains original and translated academic articles from the area of intercultural studies. It is mainly focused upon humanities, particularly from the fields of cultural studies, intercultural methodology, literature, linguistics, history, history of art and philosophy within Asian and African studies. [...] About a half of the contributions have been published in Slovene language, but each year we publish at least one international special issue, which deals with a certain research topic from the area of Asian and African studies. It contains articles in English, Chinese or Japanese languages, written by international scholars, engaged in the research field under actual debate. [...] - hsr."


Internet Archive (www.archive.org)
[the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

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Jana S. Rosker (jana.rosker@guest.arnes.si)

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