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01 November 2005

Japan-Taiwan Interaction: Implications for the United States


The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR), Seattle, WA, US

Supplied note:
"The National Bureau of Asian Research is pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue of the NBR Analysis -- "Japan-Taiwan Interaction: Implications for the United States," (Vol 16 No. 1) which features papers authored by Philip Yang, Roy Kamphausen, James Auer & Tetsuo Kotani, Yoshihide Soeya, and Michael McDevitt. (Available for download at NBR's homepage at http://www.nbr.org)
This issue of the NBR Analysis explores the nature of, and trends in, Japan-Taiwan relations and draws implications for the United States, particularly in the event of a crisis occurring in the Taiwan Strait. It argues that a strengthened U.S.-Japan alliance is the best mechanism to ensure Tokyo's support for U.S. military intervention in any crisis in the Taiwan Strait. Any efforts undertaken by Washington to deepen and strengthen ties with Japan will-regardless of their nature-serve the strategic end of improving the alliance, and thus increase the likelihood of the United States receiving assistance from Japan in a crisis. [...] - tt."

Site contents:
Introduction - Roy Kamphausen; Taiwan: The Tail that Wags Dogs - Michael McDevitt; Changing Security and Political Contexts of Japan-Taiwan Relations: A View from Japan -Yoshihide Soeya; Reaffirming the "Taiwan Clause": Japan's National Interest in the Taiwan Strait and the U.S.-Japan Alliance - James Auer & Tetsuo Kotani; Japanese-Taiwanese Relations and the Role of China and the U.S. - Philip Yang.


Internet Archive (www.archive.org)
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Link reported by:
Travis Tanner (ttanner@nbr.org)

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