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08 February 2006

Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS)


NIAS, Copenhagen, Denmark

"NIAS was founded as an independent Asian studies institute in 1968. In partnership with the Nordic Council of Ministers we have maintained a commitment throughout to contribute to the development of Asian studies in the Nordic region. The Nordic Council of Ministers remains our main financier. From 1 January 2005, NIAS assumed a new status. [...] * NIAS has new owners. [...] * The 'new' NIAS will be a hub for Asian studies in the Nordic region with a range of services and activities that will support the development of Asian studies and enhance the visibility and applications of Asian studies. * The 'new' NIAS will coordinate an initiative to establish a Nordic, networked research school, The Asian Century Research School. NIAS will also expand the NIAS SUPRA Programme for Nordic Master and PhD students. * The 'new' NIAS will strive to make Asian studies more visible in the business community that deals with Asia. * Through NIAS LINC the 'new' NIAS will tailor-make research-based information services to the needs of its users. * NIAS has a breadth and depth of research and other services, activities and outputs, the combination of which is unique in the Nordic countries. [...] The new partnership A consortium comprising of Copenhagen Business School and University of Copenhagen in Denmark, and Lund University in Sweden have agreed to take over from the Nordic Council of Ministers the collaborative responsibility - as founding partners - for continuing NIAS as an academically independent research and service institute with a Nordic responsibility. [...] "

Site contents:
** About NIAS; ** Publications (NIASnytt, NIAS Press, NIAS' researchers' publications [separate listings for 2005, and 2004; for publications from 1995-2003 please see the online database "Bibliography of publications by NIAS Researchers 1995-2003" - ed.]; NIAS' annual reports);
** NIAS' networks & support to networks [in 2005 these networks included: Borneo Research Council, EADI - European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes, EASL - European Association of Sinological Librarians, ECARDC - European Conference on Agricultural and Rural Development in China, EINIRAS - The European Information Network on International Relations and Area Studies, EPCReN, Eurasia Political Culture Research Network, European Alliance for Asian Studies, Gendering Asia, NACS - Nordic Association of China Studies, NASA - Nordic Association of South Asian Studies, NIAS SUPRA - Support Programme for Asian Studies, NNC Nordic NIAS Council, Nordic Centre Fudan, NorDoc, SASNET - Swedish South Asian Studies Network, SEALG - South East Asia Library Group, SNAB - Swedish Network of Asian Librarians, The Conflict Transformation Group, The Indonesian Conflict Studies Network, The Yangzhou Club - ed.];
** Research and consulting [NIAS' consultancy assignments in 2005: * Aceh Peace Process, * Aceh Reconstruction Project, * Aceh Support Project, * Advising the Danish Foreign Ministry on the Further Development of the Private Sector (PS) Programme, * AMM Briefings, * ARF Expert and Eminent Persons Group Meeting, * Asian Security, * Asian Security, the Rise of China and EU Security Policy Options, * Development in an Insecure World, * Establishing a Forum for Confidence Building between the Nordic Countries and North Korea, * Evaluation of the East Asian Language Education at Swedish Universities, * External Evaluation of the Nordic Pavilion at Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan, * Indonesian Conflict Studies Network Project on Conflict Resolution Training, * Papua Peace Mission, * Perspectives from Southeast Asia, * Report on Areas for Eventual Norwegian Support in North Korea«s Economic Reform Process, * Review of ASEM«s First Decade, * Strengthening the Development Research and Policy Analysis Capacity of the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM) - Phase 2, * Terrorism and Islam-West Relations - ed.]
** NIAS services ("Our services and related activities comprise: consulting, guest researchers, support for graduate education (NIAS SUPRA) and post graduate education (Asian Century Research School), library and information services (NIAS Linc), conferences, seminars, publications (NIAS Press), NIASnytt-Asia Insights, and networks. Also, we collaborate with the media to provide expert analysis, comments and articles. NIAS works with ministries and companies as consultants on commissioned projects and as speakers at meetings.");
** Sponsors; ** NIAS News; ** NIAS Library; ** NIASnytt - Asia Insights ["thrice-yearly magazine from NIAS for anyone with an interest in modern Asia and the global implications of the developments in Asian societies", in PDF format]; ** NIAS LINC - A Nordic Resource Centre for Research and Information on Asia; ** Search NIAS web site.


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