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19 April 2006

CAEI Working Papers on CIS and Baltic Countries


18 Apr 2006

CIS and Baltic Countries (ex USSR) Program, Argentine Center of International Studies (CAEI), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Self-description: "Con este amplio temario, el CAEI inicia una discusion que puede ser compartida por todos aquellos estudiantes, profesionales y academicos que deseen incorporarse a ella. La misma se manifestara; a traves de la publicacion de todos aquellas Investigaciones, papers, monografias, tesis y tesinas que -ajustados en los criterios de publicacion del CAEI- sean aportados al Area CEI y Paises Balticos."

Site contents (all papers are in English):
* Working Paper #30 "Chechnya and Russia: the significance of the Chechen problem for contemporary Russia" - Maciej Falkowski, Centre for Eastern Studies (Varsovia, Polonia) (11/04/06); * Working Paper #29 "Policy paper on freedom of expression in Tajikistan" - Nigina Zaripova, International Policy Fellowships (Budapest, Hungria) (11/04/06); * Working Paper #28 "Belarus as a gas transit country" - Institute for Privatization and Management, IPM (Minsk, Bielorrusia) (11/04/06); * Working Paper #27 "Developing a national security concept for Georgia" - Center for Peace and International Relations Studies, CPIRS (Tiflis, Georgia), (11/04/06); * Working Paper #26 "Decentralization in the Russian Federation" - Elena Andreeva y Natalia Golovanova, Center for Fiscal Policy (Moscœ, Federacion Rusa), (11/04/06); * Working Paper #25 "Democratic accountability of Russian regional governments: do elections matter?" - Aitalina Azarova, Central European University / Open Society Institute (Budapest, Hungria), (11/04/06); * Working Paper #24 "Uzbekistan: the major source of instability in Central Asia?" - Grzegorz Zasada, Centre for Eastern Studies (Varsovia, Polonia) (11/04/06); * Working Paper #23 "Lost potential in the South Caucasus: aspects of interstate trade" - International Center for Human Development, ICHD (Erevan, Armenia) (11/04/06); * Working Paper #22 "Bicameralism and Democracy in the Republic of Tajikistan" - Naira Zavrabyan, MA, Central European University (Budapest, Hungria) (21/03/06); * Working Paper #21 "Privatisation and Economic Development Strategy in Russia" - Prof. Ram Kumar Mishra, Conflict Studies Research Centre, Institute of Public Enterprise (Andhra Pradesh, India), (20/03/06); * Working Paper #20 "Putin's foreign policy toward Syria" - Mark N. Katz, Conflict Studies Research Centre, George Mason University (Virginia, Estados Unidos), (20/03/06); * Working Paper #19 "The End of Ichkeria?" - Charles W. Blandy, Conflict Studies Research Centre, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom (Wiltshire, Reino Unido), (15/02/06); * Working Paper #18 "The Bear, the Peacock, the Eagle, the Sturgeon and the Black, Black Oil: Contemporary Regional Power Politics in the Caspian Sea" - Dr. Steven J. Main, Conflict Studies Research Centre, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom (Wiltshire, Reino Unido), (15/02/06); * Working Paper #17 "Civil Control over "Enforcement" structures in Ukraine: challenges and prospects" - Olexiy Poltorakov, PhD, Academia Nacional de Ciencias de Ucrania (Kiev, Ucrania), (15/02/06); * Working Paper #16 "Domestic sources of Post-Communist Foreign Policy. Institutional analysis of Hungary and Romania 1990-2000" - Sebastian Huluban, Ministerio de Defensa de Rumania (Bucarest, Rumania), (11/01/06); * Working Paper #15 "The Collapse of the USSR and International System: Proposal for a Theoritical Solution" - Fatih Seyhanoglu, MA, Fatih University (Estambul, Turquia) (11/01/06); * Working Paper #14 "Chechnya, Wahhabism and the invasion of Dagestan" - Dr. Emil Souleimanov, Charles University (Praga, Republica Checa), (17/12/05); * Working Paper #13 "Azerbaijan: Islam in a post-soviet republic" - Anar Valiyev, University of Louisville (Louisville, Estados Unidos), (03/12/05); * Working Paper #12 "Ten Myths About Russia: Understanding and Dealing with Russia's Complexity and Ambiguity" - David Foglesong, PhD, University of California (Berkeley, Estados Unidos), Dr. Gordon M. Hahn, Stanford University (Stanford, Estados Unidos), (03/12/05); * Working Paper #11 "Russia and the West: problems and oportunities" - Dr. Bobo Lo, Royal Institute of International Affairs (Londres, Reino Unido), (03/12/05); * Working Paper #10 "Azerbaijan's 2005 Elections: Lost Opportunity" - Europe Briefing #40 The Ankara Center for Turkish Policy Studies / International Crisis Group (Ankara, Turquia), (28/11/05); * Working Paper #09 "Azerbaijan's Parliamentary Elections: A Step Forward" - Svante Cornell, Johns Hopkins University-SAIS / Uppsala University (Washington DC, Estados Unidos), (28/11/05); * Working Paper #08 "Black Soil. Oil and Ethnicity in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict" - Morten Anstorp Rosenkvist, MA, Oslo University (Oslo, Noruega), (28/11/05); * Working Paper #07 "Improving the OECD's Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan" - Bryane Michael, Linacre College, University of Oxford (Oxford, Reino Unido), Donald Bowser, University of Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia) (28/11/05); * Working Paper #06 "Armenian Genocide. What it means to the US and the EU" - Mehmet Kalyoncu, Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies Georgetown University (Washington DC, Estados Unidos) (15/11/05); * Working Paper #05 "The Stakes of the Opening of Turkish-Armenian Border - The cross-border contacts between Armenia and Turkey" - Dr. Burcu Gultekin, French Institute of Anatolian Studies (Estambul, Turquia), (14/11/05); * Working Paper #04 "Islamic "threat": the case of Uzbekistan" - Yazmin Masood, University of World Economy and Diplomacy (Tashkent, Uzbekistan), (31/10/05); * Working Paper #03 "The US and democratization in Central Asia. The impact of 9/11 and call for change" - Yazmin Masood, University of World Economy and Diplomacy (Tashkent, Uzbekistan), (31/10/05); * Working Paper #02 "NATO eastward enlargement: Strategic implications for Eurasia" - Antonina Habova, University St. Kliment Ohridski (Sofia, Bulgaria), (10/10/05); * Working Paper #01 "What to do about Russia" - James M. Goldgeier, George Washington University (Washington DC, Estados Unidos), Michael McFaul Stanford University (Stanford, Estados Unidos) (10/10/05).


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