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05 April 2006

Ellen Bruno Films: Documentaries on Tibet, Cambodia and Burma


05 Apr 2006
Bruno Films, San Francisco, CA, US

Supplied note:
"[I have produced] films about human rights issues in [Tibet,] Burma/Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal. Below are some descriptions as well as direct links to five minute clips of the films.

SAMSARA: Death and Rebirth in Cambodia
Documents the Cambodian's efforts to reconstruct a shattered society in a climate of war, bringing a humanistic perspective to a country in deep political turmoil.
To view a clip: http://www.brunofilms.com/samsara.html

SATYA: A Prayer for the Enemy
Documents human rights abuses in Tibet, focusing on the non-violent activism of Tibetan Buddhist nuns in the struggle for basic human rights and religious freedom.
To view a clip: http://www.brunofilms.com/satya.html

SACRIFICE: The Story of Child Prostitutes from Burma
Examines the political and economic forces at work in the trafficking of Burmese girls into prostitution in Thailand.
To view a clip: http://www.brunofilms.com/sacrifice.html

LEPER: Life Beyond Stigma
Offers a rare and intimate glimpse into a village of lepers in rural Nepal. Villagers speak openly and emotionally about the myriad stigmas and misunderstandings that surround the disease that has marked their bodies and their lives.
To view a clip: http://www.brunofilms.com/leper.html

Documents a common burial custom in Tibet where the bodies of the dead are offered to the vultures as a final act of kindness to living beings... the ultimate gesture of generosity. To merge with the sky is a holy event, one that replaces the sufferings of this world with peace.
To view a clip: http://www.brunofilms.com/sky.html - eb."

[The filmaker, Ellen Bruno, completed a masters degree in documentary film at Stanford University in 1990. She held a Rockefeller Fellowship in 1997, Guggenheim Fellowship in 1998, fellowships from the Western States Media Arts and a Shenkin Fellowship from Yale University School of Art. - ed.]


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