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17 February 2006

Southeast Asia Microform Project (SEAM)


Center for Research Libraries (CRL), Chicago, IL, US

"The Southeast Asia Microform Project (SEAM) is a cooperative endeavor established [in 1970 - ed.] to provide subscribing institutions with better coverage of research materials related to the study of Southeast Asia. SEAM will film or acquire films of such research materials and make them readily available to subscribers to the project. [...] SEAM holdings include more than 300 historic newspapers from every country in the region, in national, minority, and English or other colonial languages, similar numbers of historic journals and government serials and thousands of historic manuscripts. The materials are available for loan to member libraries without restriction; non member libraries may have limited access to SEAM materials."

Site contents:
* News (Recent Meetings, Announcements, New Proposals, Proposals Guidelines); * Collections (Current Projects, Guide to Collections, Holdings List [SEAM Holdings list 2005; 653 pages; 2 MB PDF document]); * Membership information; * Related Projects.


Internet Archive

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