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12 February 2006

Culture of Thailand in the Postlocal World - an E-Book


www.kotikone.fi, Helsinki, Finland

Supplied note:
"Helsinki, 12.2.2006. Dear Colleague, I wish to inform, that my anthropological work on village culture of Thailand has been published as an e-book in the Internet, and also as a CD-book.
Matti Sarmela, Laws of Destiny Never Disappear: Culture of Thailand in the Postlocal World. ISBN 952-91-9353-X. Helsinki. 2005
The Web address is: [see the URL below]
The book consist 560 pages including 380 colour pictures, total 45 MB. It is totally free publication and 'may be freely quoted, copied, duplicated and printed.'
I have collected ethnographic material in Lampang province Northern Thailand from the year 1972 until 1999. My research assistants have interviewed villagers with questionnaires, and tape-recorded 365 persons in total. I have taken about 20 000 photographs; my documented collection consist 14 000 colour slides. The entire material is preserved in the archives of the Museum of Cultures, Helsinki.
The book is description of three villages in Lampang Province, and the changes in villagers' lives over three decades. It contains material on the villagers' housing, rice farming and other means of livelihood, community life, festivals, weddings, funerals, sorcerers and healers, as well as Buddhism. The publication has three points of views: interviews of villagers, my anthropological interpretation and photographs.
The book has been printed in the Finnish language in 2004.
Yours respectfully, Matti Sarmela, Ph.D., Professor emeritus of Cultural Anthropology at the University of Helsinki, Address: Katajanokanranta 17 B 16, 00160 Helsinki, Finland, matti.sarmela--at--kolumbus.fi http://www.kotikone.fi/matti.sarmela/indexEngl.html"

Site contents:
* Part I. A Village in Northern Thailand (http://www.kotikone.fi/matti.sarmela/thailand1village.pdf) Environment of life; Villages and houses; Work of the rice farmer.
* Part II. Community Culture (http://www.kotikone.fi/matti.sarmela/thailand2community.pdf) Family and community; School of life; Marriage; Death; Inside the village community.
* Part III. Village Religion (http://www.kotikone.fi/matti.sarmela/thailand3religion.pdf) Faith around me, Supernatural environment, Buddhist religion; Finalization; References; Appendix; Bibliography; Tables (1. Framework of structural changes, 2. Recorded interviews 1984-1999, 3. Thailand material 1972-1999, 4. Three villages, 5. Popularity of house types 1982-2000, 6. Means of transport, 7. Domestic appliances, 8. Home electronics, 9. Structural change in rice farming, 10. Perspectives of village communities, 11. Basic wedding format, 12. Strata of world-views).


Internet Archive (www.archive.org)
[the paper was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by:
Matti Sarmela (matti.sarmela--at--kolumbus.fi)

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