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08 February 2006

Society for the Study of Japanese Religions (SSJR)


University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, US

"SSJR is an international association of approximately 200 scholars committed to the academic study of the religions of Japan and is affiliated with the Association of Asian Studies (AAS) (www.aasianst.org). Membership is open to students and scholars of Japanese religions or related fields. The Society sponsors an annual forum at the annual meeting of the Association of Asian Studies (usually in March) and publishes an annual Supplement based on presentations at this meeting. In addition, the Society publishes two newsletters in the fall and spring of each year notifying members of upcoming meeting schedules, recent member news and publications of interest, and so forth."

Site contents:
* Officers; * Membership/Current Dues; * Announcements (Conferences, Employment, Research Posts, Fellowships) * SSJR Bulletins & Supplements (SSJR Bulletins: Mar 2005; Oct 2004, Feb 2004, Oct 2003, Oct 2002, Feb 2002, Oct 2001, Oct 2000, Feb 2000, Oct 1999, Jan 1999; SSJR Annual Meeting Supplements: 2005 - Cosmic Disk: Mediating the Kumano Jikkai Mandala on DVD; 2004 - Power, Veneration, and Identity: New Research on Ritual in Japan ; 2003 - Rethinking Japanese Religion through Images and Structures; 2002 - Ritual, Gender, and Politics in Modern Shinto; 2001 - A Discussion of Jacqueline Stone's Original Enlightenment and the Transformation of Medieval Japanese Buddhism; 2000 - What Should We Be Studying Now? - A Roundtable Discussion; 1999 - Reviewing Karen Smyers' The Fox and the Jewel: Shared and Private Meanings in Japanese Inari Worship; 1998 - A Discussion of Edmund Gilday's The Gods Come Dancing) * Membership News/Publications (New Appointments, Recent and Forthcoming Publications, Research, Conferences, and Events, New Members); * Teaching Resources: (Syllabi, Films, Photos, Online Resources); * AAR-Japanese Religions Group; * Links Related to Japanese Religions (General Web Research Sources, Religion-specific Sites, Journals and Publishing, Japanese Society, Miscellaneous Disciplines, Study Abroad Programs).


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