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16 February 2006

Women Living Under Muslim Laws / Femmes Sous Lois Musulmanes (WLUML)


wluml.org, Nigeria/Pakistan/UK.

"Women Living Under Muslim Laws is an international solidarity network [est. 1984 - ed.] that provides information, support and a collective space for women whose lives are shaped, conditioned or governed by laws and customs said to derive from Islam.
For more than two decades WLUML has linked individual women and organisations. It now extends to more than 70 countries ranging from South Africa to Uzbekistan, Senegal to Indonesia and Brazil to France. [...]
Our name challenges the myth of one, homogenous 'Muslim world'. This deliberately created myth fails to reflect that: a) laws said to be Muslim vary from one context to another and, b) the laws that determine our lives are from diverse sources: religious, customary, colonial and secular. We are governed simultaneously by many different laws: laws recognised by the state (codified and uncodified) and informal laws such as customary practices which vary according to the cultural, social and political context. [...]."

Site contents:
*About WLUML; * Current Site Highlights; * News and Views; * Calls for Action; * Publications (# Country Compilations; # Dossiers [No.1 (1986) - No. 26 (2004)]; # Occasional Papers [14 papers]; # General Publications [Recognizing the Un-Recognized: Inter-Country Cases and Muslim Marriages & Divorces in Britain - Sohail Akbar Warraich & Cassandra Balchin (2006), Great Ancestors: Women Asserting Rights in Muslim Contexts - Farida Shaheed with Aisha L.F. Shaheed (2005), Warning Signs of Fundamentalisms - Edited by Ayesha Imam, Jenny Morgan & Nira Yuval-Davis (2004), Knowing Our Rights: Women, family, laws and customs in the Muslim world - WLUML (2003), Karo Kari, TorTora, Siyahkari, Kala Kali "There Is No Honour In Killing" National Seminar Report - WLUML (2001), Feminism in the Muslim World Leadership Institutes - Anissa Helie (2000), Building Civil Societies - A Guide for Social and Political Action - Homa Hoodfar and Nelofar Pazira (2000), Reaching Out, Changing Our Lives, Outreach Strategies and Women Living Under Muslim Laws - Muslim Women's Research and Action Forum and WLUML (1999), The Women's Movement in Iran: Women at the Crossroads of Secularisation and Islamization - WLUML (1999), Shadow Report on Algeria - To the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women - International Women's Human Rights Clinic and Women Living Under Muslim Laws (1999), Dhaka Plan of Action - WLUML (1999), Women in the Quran: Qur'anic Interpretation by Women Meeting: Information Kit - WLUML (1998), Shah Bano and the Muslim Women Act a Decade On: The Right of the Divorced Muslim Women to Mataa - Lucy Carroll (ed), WLUML (co-published WRAG-WLUML Bombay) (1998), For Ourselves - Women Reading the Qur'an WLUML (1998), Fatwas Against Women in Bangladesh WLUML (1996), Time to Speak Out: Illegal Abortion and Women's Reproductive Health in Pakistan WLUML (1996), Talaq-l-Tawfid: The Muslim Woman's Contractual Access to Divorce - WLUML (1996), Reconstructing Fundamentalism and Feminism: The Dynamics of Change in Iran - Shirkat Gah (1995), Assertions of Self: The Nascent Women's Movement in Central Asia - Shirkat Gah (1995), Women, Laws, Initiatives in the Muslim World - WLUML (1995), A Handbook on Family Law in Pakistan - WLUML (1994), Riffat Hassan: Selected Articles - Riffat Hassan (1994)], # Reprints and translations, # Sister Organisation Publications); * Links.

[A bilingual (EN, FR) site - ed.]


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