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06 March 2006

The China and Eurasia Forum


04 Mar 2006

Central Asia Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program, Uppsala, Sweden

Supplied note:
"The China and Eurasia Forum is an independent forum which seeks to bring together regional experts, academics, government policy makers, and business leaders with an interest in the growing relationship between China and Eurasia. The forum is affiliated to the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute and the Silk Road Studies Program, a joint transatlantic research center of Johns Hopkins University (SAIS) and Uppsala University.

Focusing primarily on Sino-Central Asian, Sino-Russian, and Sino-Caucasian relations, the goal of the website, the China and Eurasia Forum (CEF) Quarterly (formerly the CEF Monthly), and the weekly newsletter offered is to foster discussion and information sharing between a geographically distant community that recognizes the significance of China's emergence in this important part of the world. All material on the website is offered free of charge. - nn."

Site contents:
* Headlines (daily updated news from the China-Eurasia region: Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Security Situation and Regional Cooperation, Economics, Trade, and Assistance, Energy and Natural Resources, Politics, Summits and Meetings); * CEF Quarterly ("Each number is dedicated to a specific problem (Energy and Security - November 2005; Narcotics - February 2006; Terrorism - May 2006; Soft Security Threats - August 2006)"); * Archive (CEF Monthly and CEF Quarterly, Sep 2003 - Nov 2005); * Links (Think tanks and research institutions, Reference, Featured Papers and other Publications, Government websites and Non-Governmental Organizations, News (in English), News (in Russian)); * Membership; * Contact; * Submissions; * About Us.


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