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13 October 2006

E-ASPAC: an electronic journal in Asian Studies


13 Oct 2006

Matsushita Center for Electronic Learning, Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR, US

"About E-ASPAC: E-AsPac is the electronic journal of the scholarly association ASPAC (Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast) [mcel.pacificu.edu/aspac/home/aspac.php3], the regional organization of the Association for Asian Studies. E-AsPac is peer reviewed by a board of scholars in Asian Studies. Technical support is provided by the Matsushita Center for Electronic Learning (MCEL) at Pacific University and by student majors from the Computer Science and Integrated Media programs at Pacific. Editorial Board: The members of the editorial board of E-AsPac are active Asian Studies scholars who are comfortable working in electronic materials. If you would like to apply to join our editorial board, please send a CV to Jeffrey Barlow, Executive Editor, E-AaPac. barlowj--at--pacificu.edu"

Site contents:
* Current issue [2006]: (Acevedo, Pamela E. and Emily Cabanda) An Empirical Analysis of TFP Gains in the Philippine Food Processing Industry: A Multi-criteria Approach (Chiu, Candy Lim and Emilyn Cabanda) Motivational and Environmental Factors Influencing Family Business: Evidence from a Study of Chinese-Filipino Entrepreneurs in the Philippines; (Chiu, Tzu-hsiu) Public Secrets: Geopolitical Aesthetics in Zhang Yimou's "Hero"; (Cunningham, Eric) Ecstatic Treks in the Demon Regions: Zen and the Satori of the Psychedelic Experience; (Karanth, Dileep) The Indian Oboe Reexamined; (Magno, Augustus and Emilyn Cabanda) Asian Development Bank Assistance after the Asian Financial Crisis: An Empirical Analysis of Its Financial Resources and Operational Activities; (Moro, Pamela) Defining the Classical in Studies of South and Southeast Asian Music: A Review and Evaluation of Pertinent Scholarship; (Nguyen, Keaton) The Agency of Keitai; (Sinclair, Paul) The Modern Chinese Language and its Changing Status in the Japanese University; (Tillack, Peter) Out of Place: Effaced History, Embodied Memory in Goto Meisei's "Nameless First-Lieutenant's Son"; Esterline [Prize] Winners: (Dewell, Christopher) Going Abroad: Japanese Travel to Chinese Nagasaki in the Tokugawa Era; (Wood, Michael) Masculinism, Colonialism, and the Late Edo Castaway Narrative: Japanese Accounts of Port Brothels in the Pacific; * Archives (2005 Issue, 2004 Issue, 2003 Issue, 2002 Issue); * About; * Resoures; * Contact; * ASPAC


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