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05 October 2006

Strategic Asia - A Program of The National Bureau of Asian Research


04 Oct 2006

The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR), Seattle, WA, US.

"Strategic Asia is an ongoing, independent assessment of the strategic environment in the Asia-Pacific. The program provides an authoritative, independent source of information and analysis for the policymaking community, media, the business sector, and academe. The program's core product is an annual volume [i.e. Strategic Asia volume] in which top Asia specialists and international relations experts outline the region's current strategic environment and then ask what "strategic Asia" will look like in five years. The second major product is a new generation database that provides, in one place and free of charge, a range of strategic indicators and resources for 37 countries in the Asia-Pacific. [...] Strategic Asia is a major initiative of The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR). NBR is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research institution dedicated to informing and strengthening policy in the Asia-Pacific."

Site contents [Current Annual Volume]:
Strategic Asia 2006-07: Trade, Interdependence, and Security ([by] Ashley J. Tellis and Michael Wills, Published September 2006, ISBN 0-9713938-7-7, Strategic Asia 2006-07: Trade, Interdependence, and Security, the sixth volume in NBR's Strategic Asia series, examines how trade and interdependence fit into the grand strategies of various Asian states and how changing economic relationships could affect regional stability in Asia. Through a combination of country, regional, and topical studies, the book assesses trade and investment dynamics in the region, the rise of new powers, the ongoing processes of globalization, and the impact of economic interdependence on security, and evaluates how these trends are altering Asia's strategic environment.
* Trade, Interdependence, and Security in Asia - Ashley J. Tellis; * The Superpower as Super-Debtor: Implications of Economic Disequilibria for U.S.-Asian Relations - Stephen D. Cohen; * Rising China: The Search for Power and Plenty - Michael R. Chambers; * Back to Normal? The Promise and Pitfalls of Japan's Economic Integration - Michael Mastanduno; * South Korea's Embrace of Interdependence in Pursuit of Security - David C. Kang; * Russia's Economic Role in Asia: Toward Deeper Integration - Peter Rutland; * Trade, Energy, and Security in the Central Asian Arena - Dina R. Spechler and Martin C. Spechler; * The Limits of Integration in Improving South Asian Security - Devesh Kapur and Kavita Iyengar; * Strategic Dimensions of Economic Interdependence in Southeast Asia - Donald E. Weatherbee; * China: Can Economic Growth Continue without Political Reform? - Minxin Pei; * Will Economic Interdependence Encourage China's and India's Peaceful Ascent? - David P. Rapkin and William R. Thompson; * When the Flu Comes: Political and Economic Risks of Pandemic Disease in Asia - Ann Marie Kimball; * Strategic Asia by the Numbers).

Site contents [Previous Annual Volumes]:
Military Modernization in an Era of Uncertainty (2005-06); Confronting Terrorism in the Pursuit of Power (2004-05); Fragility and Crisis (2003-04); Asian Aftershocks (2002-03); Power and Purpose (2001-02).

Site contents [Strategic Asia Database - Economic, military, and political data for all countries in Strategic Asia.]:
* Country View [for 37 countries from Afghanistan to Vietnam]; * Datasheeet View (The Database Search tool offers free access to the entire Strategic Asia database-75 indicators [in the areas of: Economy, Trade and Investment, Government Spending, Population, Energy and Environment, Communications and Transportation, Armed Forces, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Politics and International Relations, and Finance - ed.] for 37 countries or territories [i.e. Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, North America - ed.] in the Asia-Pacific, spanning the years 1990 to 2004. To display data for online viewing, printing, or download, select up to 5 countries and 25 indicators for 5 years.); * Selected Charts and Graphs [in Excel format]; * Coverage; * Sources (The Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, Central Bank of China - Financial Statistics for Taiwan, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace - Tracking Nuclear Proliferation, U.S. Census Bureau, Central Intelligence Agency - World Factbook, Center for Nonproliferation Studies - Monterery Institute of International Studies, Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization, Chemical Weapons Convention, Department of Energy - Energy Information Administration, U.S. Department of State - Country Background Notes, U.S. Department of State - World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers, International Institute of Strategic Studies - The Military Balance, International Monetary Fund - International Financial Statistics, NBR Research Team, World Bank - World Development Indicators).


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