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17 September 2007

"The New Silk Roads: Transport and Trade in Greater Central Asia" - an e-book


17 Sep 2006

Central Asia Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program, Uppsala, Sweden

"The New Silk Roads: Transport and Trade in Greater Central Asia. [2007]. Edited by S. Frederick Starr.
Free, downloadable PDF files are available below.
[...] Thanks to the collapse of the USSR, whose closed border stood like a wall across the heart of Eurasia, to China's decision to open trade across its western border, and to the gradual return of Afghanistan to the community of nations, continental trade spanning the entire Eurasian land mass is again becoming possible. Western Europe, China, Russia, the Middle East, and the Indian sub-continent can, in time, connect with one another and with the lands between by means of direct roads, railroads, and technologies for transporting gas, oil, and hydroelectric power. These 'new Silk Roads' have enormous potential for the entire Eurasian continent, and especially for the countries of 'Greater Central Asia' which they must traverse. This book, with contributions by eminent scholars from sixteen countries, reviews the state of the links of transport and trade that are bringing about this fundamental change on the world's largest continent. It explores the potential of such interchange for fifteen of the countries most directly affected by it. It identifies some of the many impediments to the full realization of this epochal project. And it suggests a few steps that might be taken to ameliorate or remove these impediments."

Site contents:
* Cover; * Table of Contents etc.; * Introduction - S. Frederick Starr; * Afghanistan - Masood Aziz; * Pakistan - Aftab Kazi; * Tajikistan - Khojamakhmad Umarov; * Turkmenistan - Firat Yildiz; * Iran - Abbas Maleki; * Uzbekistan - Martina Reiser and Dennis DeTray; * The Kyrgyz Republic - Joomart Otorbayev et. al.; * Kazakhstan - Sanat Kushkumbayev; * Azerbaijan - Taleh Ziyadov; * India - Gulshan Sachdeva; * China - Niklas Swanstr?m, Nicklas Norling and Zhang Li; * Turkey - Kemal Kaya; * Russia - Vladimir Boyko; * Contributors.

URL http://www.silkroadstudies.org/new/inside/publications/GCA.html

Internet Archive

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