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10 January 2008

Bhutto Assassination - Counterterrorism Blog Posts


10 Jan 2008

Bhutto Assassination - Counterterrorism Blog Posts

Counterterrorism Foundation, Washington, DC, US

"Counterterrorism Blog Posts On Bhutto Assassination (with links to complete post). [...T]he Counterterrorism Blog [counterterrorismblog.org, is] a unique, multi-expert blog dedicated to providing a one-stop gateway to the counterterrorism community. To our knowledge, there has been no such blog on the internet. We envision the blog's audience to be the policymakers in Congress and the Executive Branch, as well as serious students elsewhere, who want to visit a single site to access (1) overnight and breaking news, with realtime intel and commentary by operational experts ("Contributing Experts") [Steven Emerson & The Investigative Project on Terrorism, Dennis Lormel, Douglas Farah - Site Editor, Bill West, Evan Kohlmann, Michael Cutler, Victor Comras, Michael Kraft, Dr. Zachary Abuza, Dr. Walid Phares, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Olivier Guitta, Kenneth Conboy, Aaron Mannes, David Schenker, Jeffrey Imm, Animesh Roul, Matthew Levitt, Jonathan Winer, Michael Jacobson, Jeffrey Breinholt, Frank Hyland, Roderick Jones, Paul Cruickshank, James Gordon Meek - Guest Expert, Andrew Cochran - VP of GAGE - Founder & Site Editor, Phillip Smyth, Asst. Newslinks Editor. - ed.]; (2) discussions of long-term trends in counterterrorism; (3) summaries of and discussions about US and international law; and (4) a calendar of upcoming events, hearings, and seminars featuring the Contributing Experts."

Site contents:
* Capturing Bhutto's Killer - by Paul Cruickshank (Jan 1, 2008); * The Jihadi preemptive strike against Bhutto's war of ideas - by Walid Phares (Jan 1, 2008); * Did Qaeda Allies in Pak Government Help Slay Bhutto? - by James Gordon Meek (Dec 31, 2007); * Has al-Qaeda Adopted a New Terror Tactic? - by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross (Dec 29, 2007); * Alleged Al Qaeda Spokesman Denies Involvement in Bhutto Attack (edited); - by Andrew Cochran (Dec 29, 2007); * Pakistan & A Bomb Too Far - by Aaron Mannes (Dec 28, 2007); * Bhutto Murder Fits Pattern of Lashkar I Jhangvi Terrorism, With Nasty Implications - by Jonathan Winer (Dec 28, 2007); * Renegade Commando Units Possibly Involved in Bhutto Killing - by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross (Dec 28, 2007); * Bhutto Assassination A Reminder This Is A Real War - by Bill West (Dec 27, 2007); * Reports: Imminent Statement Expected from Al-Qaida's Mustafa Abu Yazid Claiming Credit for Bhutto Assassination - by Evan Kohlmann (Dec 27, 2007); * Analysis of the Bhutto Assassination - by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross (Dec 27, 2007); * Bhutto's Assassination Needs a Real Investigation - by Aaron Mannes (Dec 27, 2007); * Pakistan on the Brink: Assassination of Benezir Bhutto triggers widespread violence in Pakistan - by Animesh Roul (Dec 27, 2007); * Benazir Bhutto's Assassination -- a Lethal Assault on Democracy - by Jonathan Winer (Dec 27, 2007); * Previous Counterterrorism Blog Posts on First Bhutto Assassination Attempt - by Andrew Cochran (Dec 27, 2007).

[In this context see also the latest papers from the South Asia Analysis Group (SAAG) [www.southasiaanalysis.org], namely: * Pakistan-Who killed Benazir? - by B. Raman (Jan 6, 2008); * Pakistan-Peshawar to Pindi - Benazir's Drive to Death - International Terrorism Monitor - by B. Raman (Jan 6, 2008); * Pakistan's Explosive Political Dynamics Surcharged - by Dr. Subhash Kapila (Jan 4, 2008); * 2008: Bleeding Pakistan - International Terrorism Monitor - by B. Raman (Jan 4, 2008); * Benazir's Assassination: Q & A - International Terrorism Monitor - by B. Raman (Jan 2, 2008) - ed.]

URL http://counterterrorismblog.org/upload/2008/01/Bhutto%20Assassination.htm

Internet Archive (www.archive.org) - the sub-site was not archived at the time of this abstract. However, in a few weeks time it will be available at web.archive.org/web/*/counterterrorismblog.org - ed.

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