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09 June 2008

Chatham House: All Research Papers [on Asia]


09 Jun 2008

The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, London, UK.

Self-description: "This page lists all Chatham House Reports, Briefing Papers and Other Resources. 1. Chatham House Reports are based on in-depth research conducted by experts based at or attached to Chatham House and include policy recommendations. 2. Briefing Papers are shorter, policy relevant papers written by experts in their field. 3. Other Resources include special reports, working papers, conference reports and proceedings, summary reports of meetings and seminars, transcripts and other relevant material produced by the different research areas at Chatham House."

Site contents:
* The European External Action Service: Roadmap for Success, Chatham House Report, Brian Crowe, May 2008; * Contemporary Chinese Views of Europe, Chatham House Report, Karine Lisbonne-de Vergeron, Nov 2007; * Changing Climates: Interdependencies on Energy and Climate Security for China and Europe, Chatham House Report, Bernice Lee, Antony Froggatt et al, Nov 2007; * India and its Neighbours: Do Economic Interests Have the Potential to Build Peace?, Chatham House Report, Charu Lata Hogg, Nov ; * Child Recruitment in South Asian Conflicts: A comparative Analysis of Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh, Chatham House Report, Charu Lata Hogg, Nov 2006; * Contemporary Indian Views of Europe, Chatham House Report, Karine Lisbonne-de Vergeron, Sep 2006; * Turkey and the EU - Four Scenarios: From Train Crash to Full Steam Ahead, Chatham House Report, Kirsty Hughes, Sep 2006; * Iran, its Neighbours and the Regional Crises, Chatham House Report, Middle East Programme, Chatham House, Aug 2006; * OPEC and Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities, Chatham House Report, Jacqueline Karas and Tatiana Bosteels, Nov 2005.
* An EU-Korea Free Trade Area: Playing Catch-Up or Taking the Lead?, Briefing Paper, Jim Rollo, May 2008; * Prospects for an EU-Gulf Cooperation Council Free Trade Area: The World's First Region-to-Region FTA?, Briefing Paper, Jim Rollo, Apr 2008; * The Kurdish Policy Imperative, Briefing Paper, Gareth Stansfield, Robert Lowe and Hashem Ahmadzadeh, Dec 2007; * Spice Route to Europe? Prospects for an India-EU Free Trade Area, Briefing Paper, Jim Rollo, Oct 2007; * Coalition Warfare in Afghanistan: Burden-sharing or Disunity?, Briefing Paper, Timo Noetzel and Sibylle Scheipers, Oct 2007; * Hong Kong Ten Years On: An Assessment of the Special Administrative Region, Briefing Paper, Kerry Brown, Oct 2007; * EU-ASEAN: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship?, Briefing Paper, Stephen Thomsen, Oct 2007; * Open for Business: Syria's Quest for a Political Deal, Briefing Paper, Rime Allaf, Jul 2007; * The Special Tribunal for Lebanon: The UN on Trial?, Briefing Paper, Nadim Shehadi and Elizabeth Wilmshurst, Jul 2007; * Accepting Realities in Iraq, Briefing Paper, Gareth Stansfield, May 2007; * China and India: Cooperation and Competition, Briefing Paper, Gareth Price, May 2007; * India and West Africa: A Burgeoning Relationship, Briefing Paper, Sushant K Singh, Apr 2007; * Israel and Iran: From war of words to words of war?, Briefing Paper, Yossi Mekelberg, Mar 2007; * Oil for Asia, Briefing Paper, John Mitchell and Glada Lahn, Mar 2007; * The End of the 'Post-Soviet Space': The Changing Geopolitical Orientations of the Newly Independent States, Briefing Paper, Alexander Nikitin, Feb 2007; * Infrastructure and Indian Development: Reform First, Invest Later, Briefing Paper, Stephen Thomsen, Jan 2007; * Japan and China: reaching reconciliation or stuck in the past?, Briefing Paper, Haruko Satoh, Oct 2006; * Al-Qaeda Five Years On: The Threat and the Challenges, Briefing Paper, Maha Azzam, Sep 2006; * Illegal Logging (revised from Mar 2005), Briefing Paper, Duncan Brack, Aug 2006; * Pakistan's Foreign Policy Under Musharraf: Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Briefing Paper, Owen Bennett Jones and Farzana Shaikh, Mar 2006; * The Syrian Kurds: A People Discovered, Briefing Paper, Robert Lowe, Jan 2006; * The Trial of Saddam Hussein, Briefing Paper, Sonya Sceats, Oct 2005; * Partnership is no privilege: the alternative to EU membership is no Turkish delight, Briefing Paper, Fadi Hakura, Sep 2005; * Environmental Civil Society and Governance in China, Briefing Paper, Yiyi Lu, Aug 2005; * The Chinese Economy: Risky Reporting, Briefing Paper, Vanessa Rossi, Apr 2005; * The Challenges for India's Education System, Briefing Paper, Marie Lall, Apr 2005; * The Growth of Civil Society in China: Key Challenges for NGOs, Briefing Paper, Yiyi Lu, Feb 2005; * Food Security in India: Policy Challenges and Responses, Briefing Paper, Debashis Chakraborty, Feb 2005; * Partnerships for Technology Transfer. How can investors and communities build renewable energy in Asia?, Briefing Paper, Tim Forsyth, Feb 2005; * Iraq in Transition: Vortex or Catalyst?, Briefing Paper, Middle East Programme, Sep 2004; * China's stock market: Out of the valley in 2004?, Briefing Paper, Stephen Green and He Ming, Feb 2004; * Water of Strife - The Geopolitics of Water in the Euphrates-Tigris and Jordan River Basins, Briefing Paper, Suki Jobson, Dec 2003; * Doves Vote Hawk: The Jan 2003 Elections in Israel, Briefing Paper, Yossi Mekelberg, Mar 2003; * Iraq: The Regional Fallout, Briefing Paper, Rosemary Hollis et al, Mar 2003; * Al-Qaeda: the Misunderstood Wahhabi Connection and the Ideology of Violence, Briefing Paper, Dr Maha Azzam, Feb 2003; * The Future of Oil in Iraq: Scenarios and Implications, Briefing Paper, Valerie Marcel, Dec 2002; * Indonesia After Wahid The New Authoritarianism, Briefing Paper, Christopher Candland and Siti Nurjanah, Dec 2001; * Burma: Companies, NGOs and the New Diplomacy, Briefing Paper, John Bray, Oct 2001; * Ratifying the Kyoto Protocol: The Case for Japanese-Russian Joint Implementation, Briefing Paper, Benito Muller, May 2001; * The Election of Ishihara: A Symbol of Rising Nationalism in Japan?, Briefing Paper, Christopher P. Hood, Nov 1999.
CHATHAM HOUSE OTHER RESOURCES [approx 150 working papers on Asia - ed.]

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