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02 June 2008

Mongolian-English Dictionary from Lingua Mongolia


02 Jun 2008

Lingua Mongolia, Aberystwyth, Wales, UK

"The Mongolian-English Dictionary from Lingua Mongolia [est. Dec 2004] is the first piece of commercial dictionary software for Uighur-script and Cyrillic Mongolian in the world. The culmination of over four years of work, it has been designed to work on all Windows-based operating systems without the need to change System Locales or download and install any fonts. Setup is fast and automatic and the install file is just over 2MB in size - making it easy to download on even dial-up connections. [Downloadable trial version is also available - ed.]."

Supplied-note: "The Mongolian-English Dictionary from Lingua Mongolia is now available [...] as part of our summer sale and is available through Lingua Mongolia's websites at [the URL below] and www.hoh-hot.com (for users in China). - erep."

[The dictionary includes the following features:
* Over Over 24,000 Cyrillic and Uighur-script headwords; * Thousands of usage examples; * Ability to search using Uighur-script Mongolian; * Ability to search using standard transliteration (Vladimirtsov-Poppe-Mostaert-Cleaves); * Ability to search for English words; * Wildcard searches; * Regular Expression searches; * Intelligent VirtualKeyboard for entering Mongolian. - ed.]

Site contents:
* The Mongolian-English Dictionary - download. * Script; * Grammar; * Translation; * Software; * Resources (Interactive Exercises, Poetry, Literature, Digitised Books); * [Online] Dictionary [Mongolian, English]; * Bibliography (Learning Mongolian, Dictionaries and Phrasebooks, Language, Books in Mongolian, Primary Sources and Works in Translation, Mongolian History, Mongolia - General, Genghis Khan); * Links (Universities and Professional Institutions, Independent Language Resources, Bookdealers, Miscellaneous Resources, Manchu Resources); * What's new; * Contact.

URL http://www.linguamongolia.co.uk/soft1.html

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://http://www.linguamongolia.co.uk/

Link reported by: Emyr R. E. Pugh (linguamongolia--at--bluebottle.com)

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