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13 May 2008

Documents on Religion and Society in North Karnataka, South India, 1837-1852


13 May 2008

Yale University Library, Yale University, New Haven, CT, US

Supplied note:
"The Basel Evangelical Mission, which operated in India in the Kannada and Malayalam languages, invested a lot of effort in communications in the 19th century. It was, for instance, among the first missionary societies to use photography (in India from the late 1850s--see the web site with historical photographs in the Basel Mission archive - www.bmpix.org). Its large body of written reports produced in India for its headquarters in Basel (about 30,000 of them, 1834-1913) are, however, opaque for many people, since they are in German. In an effort to overcome this problem, even if only on a small scale, two sets of English translations are now available from the Basel Mission's early reports from Karnataka, made by Jennifer and Paul Jenkins:

(a) 'Journeys and Encounters. Religion, Society and the Basel Mission in North Karnataka 1837-1852' 250 pp. These texts were selected to offer a broad view of the kind of materials available in these reports, but pay especial attention to missionary contacts with organised Hinduism, especially organised Lingayatism.

(b) 'A missionary journey from Mangalore to Subramanya in 1840--one journey from two points of view', a 45-pp. translation of parallel reports written by Herrmann Moegling and Gottfried Weigle on a journey which also included a visit to Dharmastalla.
"Journeys and Encounters" is available online - [at the URL below] "A Missionary Journey..." can be obtained online from (paul.jenkins--at--gmx.ch).

Both sets of translations can also be obtained as CDRom from Paul Jenkins. In India they are available from the Archive, Karnataka Theological College, Balmatta, 575 001 Mangalore. - pj."

Site content:
* Introduction (Documents on the Basel Mission in North Karnataka, Missionsmagazin 1838-39: Translations P. & J.M. Jenkins, October 2007);

* Document 1 (a. 23rd Basel Mission Annual Report [1837-38] b. Foundation of the Mission Station in Dharwar, c. First missionary journey by Rev. Layer in the northern region of the Canara province [sic], Sept. - Oct. 1837., d. 24th Basel Mission Annual Report [1838-39], e. Appendix C Herrmann Moegling's diary of a brief visit to Hubli in 1838. Visit to a Lingayat Monastery, f. Appendix D Diary kept by H. Frey of a visit to the villages around Dharwad: 24.Sep.-17.Oct.1838, g. Appendix E J. Layer's diary of a journey through the villages around Dharwad: 3rd May - 13th June 1838);

* Document 2 (a. 25th Basel Mission Annual Report [1840-41] First encounter of the missionaries with the Kalagnana people. b. Appendix E H. Frey's journey of investigation to the Kalagnana people, c. Appendix F Reports on the Kalagnana people by the missionaries Lehner and Frey, d. Appendix G H. Frey's Latest Report on the Kalagnana people, e. Appendix H Report by the missionaries J.C.Essig and J.C.Hiller from Betgeri, f. The Kalagnana People - Der evangelische Heidenbote No. 11, November 1840).

URL http://www.library.yale.edu/div/fa/Karnataka.htm

Internet Archive (www.archive.org) - the site was not archived at the time of this abstract - ed.

Link suggested by: Paul Jenkins (paul.jenkins--at--gmx.ch), forwarded by h-asia--at--h-net.msu.edu

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