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21 April 2008

Mountain Songs - [Ancient] Chinese Poetry [and georeferenced Temples]


21 Apr 2008

www.mountainsongs.net, San Francisco, CA, US.

"Mountain Songs, Shanzhige, is a bilingual, database website, fully searchable, which connects ancient (and some modern) Chinese poetry to the sites where the poetry was written or written about. It enables you to experience the same sights that the poets themselves viewed hundreds of years ago."

Site contents:
* MOUNTAINS (a photograph and related Items [Poems, Poets, Temples, Other] for each of the following 152 mountains - Badachu Xishan; Baihefeng; Baitashan; Baodingshan; Beigushan; Beishan Dazu; Beiyue Hengshan; Bilianfeng; Cangshan; Chamundi Hill; Chichengshan; Cuiluoshan; Damingshan; Daqingshan; Daxiangshan; Dayuling Big Rice Barrel Ridge; Dinh Hoanh Son; Doddabetta; Dongshan Guiyang; Dongshan Huangmei; Dongshan Shangyu; Emeishan Moth Eyebrow Mountain; Fangshan; Fanjingshan; Fansipan Peak; Fenghuangshan Hangzhou; Fenghuangshan Tongguan; Fuboshan; Fufengshan; Guishan; Gushan Fuzhou; Gushan Hangzhou; Gushan Huizhou; Guxiufeng; Hagurosan; Haleakala; Hanyan Cold Cliff; Hemingshan; Hieizan; Houjusan; Huaguoshan; Huangshan Yellow Mountain; Huashan China Glory Mountain; Huoyanshan; Japan Alps; Jefferson; Jiaoshan; Jingshan; Jingshan; Jingtingshan; Jinshan; Jinshan Shanghai; Jiuhuashan; Jiulishan; Jiuzongshan; Kakeyamoku Iao Needle; Kinkeisan; Koyasan; Kugamisan; Kurokamiyama; Laoshan; Leshan; Lingyangshan; Longhushan Dragon Tiger Mountain; Lumenshan Luofushan; Lushan Hut Mountain; Maonshan; Maijishan Haystack Mountain; Maoshan; Mingshashan; Mingyan; NanPutuoshan; Nanshan Dazu; Nanshan Xiangyang; NanWutaishan; Nanyue Hengshan; Nilgiri Hills; Onnaminusan; Panlongshan; Pingposhan; Pipashan Longmen; Pomoshan; Putuoshan; Qianlingshan; Qilianshan; Qilinshan; Qingcheng Houshan; Qingchengshan Emerald City Mountain; Qingxiushan; Qingyuanshan; Qixingyan; Qiyunshan Greedy Cloud Mountain; Sanweishan; Shaoshishan; Shennufeng (Wushan); Sheshan; ShiGushan; Shijingshan; Shimenshan; Shizhongshan Stone Bell Mountain; Songshan; Suribachi; Taibaishan Shanxi; Taishan; Taishishan; Tavan Bogd; Tian Son Vietnam; Tianmushan; Tianshan; Tiantaishan Guizhou; Tiantaishan Heaven Terrace Mountain; Tianzhushan Heaven's Pillar Mountain; Tongbaishan; Wanshoushan; Western Ghats; Wudangshan; Wurufeng; Wutaishan Five Terrace Mountain; Wuyishan; Xiangbishan; Xianglufeng Lushan; Xianglufeng Shaoxing; Xiangshan; Xiangshan; Xiangshan (Dongshan) Longmen; Xianshan; XiaoJiuhuashan; Xiongershan; Xishan; Xishan Kunming; Xishan Longmen; Xuedoushan; Xuefengshan Snow Mountain; Yamadera; Yandangshan; Yinshan Gansu; Yinshan Neimenggu; Youbishan; Yueliangshan; Yuelushan; Yulongxueshan; Yunjushan; Yunlongshan; Yuquanshan; Yushan; Yuzhaishan; Zhongnanshan Far South Mountain; Zhurongfeng; Zijinshan; Zuanshitou; Zuobishan);

* POEMS (texts of the 820 poems in the vernacular and translation, plus the related Items: Mountains, Temples, Other);

* POETS (biographical notes and related Items: [Poems, Mountains, Temples, Other] for each of the 246 poets from the period 350 BC - 1961 AD);

* TRANSPOETS (images and biographical notes for the following people: Arthur Waley, Beata Grant, Burton Watson, Charles Q. Wu, David Hinton, David McCraw, Dongbo, Gary Snyder, Irving Yucheng Lo, John Thompson, Jon Kowallis, Jonathan Chaves, Kenneth Rexroth, Liam Kelley, Mike O'Connor, Paul Hansen, Paul Kroll, Paula Varsano, Qiu Xiaolong, Red Pine-Bill Porter, Ron Egan, Shigeyoshi Obata, Zhong Ling);

* TEMPLES (photographs, notes, georeferenced locations [using GoogleMap], and related Items: [Poems, Poets, Mountains, Other] for each of the 602 temples in China, India, Japan, Mongolia, and Vietnam);

* OTHER (photographs and notes on 1046 places in China, India, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, and Vietnam, plus the details of the related Items [Poems, Poets, Mountains, Temples]);


URL http://www.mountainsongs.net/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.mountainsongs.net/

Link reported by: Gary Flint (gary.actasia--at--gmail.com), forwarded by h-asia--at--h-net.msu.edu

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