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10 April 2008

Armenian International Policy Research Group (AIPRG)


10 Apr 2008

AIPRG, Washington, DC, US

"The Armenian International Policy Research Group (AIPRG) is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical association that researches and encourages the discussion of public policy issues in Armenia and the Diaspora. AIPRG aims to consolidate the existing Armenia-related expertise by bringing together accomplished researchers and practitioners who specialize in economics, political science, law, and government affairs. The Group also aspires to advance capacity building by providing opportunities for aspiring young professionals to develop their skills through research and interactions with experts in their respective fields. In addition to conducting research, AIPRG organizes conferences and seminars designed to promote discussions and initiate policy dialogue regarding important Armenian and Diaspora-related issues."

Site contents:
* About Us; * Conferences & Seminars [incl. Looking Forward: Global Competitiveness of the Armenian Economy, AIPRG Annual Conference May 17-18, 2008, Washington, DC - ed.]; * Lecture Series; * Armenian Journal of Public Policy; * Internship;
* Working Papers (WP06/16 - Tigran Poghosyan and Evzen Kocenda - Foreign Exchange Risk Premium Determinants: Case of Armenia; WP06/15 - Richard Beilock, David Grigorian and Yvonne Reinertson - Bringing Something Different To The Table: Potentials of Public-Private Partnerships for Armenia and Other Developing/Transition Countries; WP06/14 - Hamid Davoodi and David Grigorian Tax - Potential and Tax Effort: Factors Behind the Stubbornly Low Tax Collection in Armenia; WP06/13 - Asbed Kotchikian - The Dialectics of Smallness: State-Making in the South Caucasus; WP06/12 - Khatchik Derghoukassian - Balance of Power, Democracy and Development: Armenia in the South Caucasian Regional Security Complex; WP06/11 - Armen Alaverdyan and Vahe Balayan - The Current Legislative and Administrative Issues of the Value Added Tax System in Armenia; WP06/10 - Robert W. McGee and Tatyana B. Maranjyan - Tax Evasion in Armenia: An Empirical Study; WP06/09 - Shavarsh Kocharyan - Armenia: Demographic Challenges; WP06/08 - Michael W Nicholson and Armine R. Mirzoyan - Information Needs and Institutional Development; WP06/07 - Richard Giragosian - Repositioning Armenian Security and Foreign Policy Within a Region at Risk; WP06/06 - Giuseppe Iarossi, Federica Saliola and Giovanni Tanzillo - Business Climate, Productivity, and Competitiveness in Armenia: 2002-2005; WP06/05 - Aleksandr Gevorkyan, Karina Mashuryan and Arkady Gevorkyan - Economics of Labor Migration from Armenia: a Conceptual Study; WP06/04 - Shoghik Hovhannisyan - Benefit Incidence Analysis in Armenia; WP06/03 - Ara Hovsepyan and Armen Khudaverdyan - Public Sector Reforms in Armenia 1999 - 2005: Achievements and Challenges; WP06/02 -Tigran Jrbashyan and Davit Harutyunyan - Estimation of Transaction Costs during Tax Collection Process; WP06/01 - Aghassi Mkrtchyan - Exchange Rate Fluctuations in Armenia: Exploring the Role of Macroeconomic Policies);
* Archive; * Training Courses; * Photo gallery; * News and Links; * Contact Us; * AIPRG Forum; * Support Us.

URL http://www.aiprg.net/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.aiprg.net/

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