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18 March 2008

South Asia Analysis Group (SAAG) - Mar 2008


18 Mar 2008

South Asia Analysis Group (SAAG), New Delhi, India

"South Asia Analysis Group is a non profit non commercial think tank. The objective of the group is to advance strategic analysis and contribute to the expansion of knowledge of Indian and International security and promote public understanding. In so doing, the SAAG seeks to address the decision makers, strategic planners, academics and the media in South Asia and the world at large. The group holds the concept of strategy in its broadest meaning-including mobilization and application of all resources to understand national and international security. The articles in this site are provided by scholars with many years of experience in political and strategic analysis. The aim of the group is not to compete with Governments, Academics, NGOs or other institutions dealing with strategic analysis and national security but to provide another point of view for the decision makers and other national/international think tanks."

Site contents:
* About us; * Papers (on 18 Mar 08: 2628. India's Internal Security Dimensions By R. Swaminathan (17/3/2008) 2627. Suppression In Tibet, Increased Vigil In Sichuan & Xinjiang By B.Raman (17/3/2008) 2626. Malaysia: General Elections 2008 - An Analysis By C. S. Kuppuswamy (16/3/2008) 2625. Revolt In Tibet: Likely Implications In Arunachal Pradesh By B.Raman (16/3/2008) 2624. The Spreading Revolt In Tibet By B.Raman (15/3/2008) 2623. China Admits Revolt In Tibet, Blames Dalai Lama By B.Raman (15/3/2008) 2622. A Brief Anatomy Of Bangla Terrorism By Bhaskar Roy (14/3/2008) 2621. The Pre-Olympics Great Game By B.Raman (14/3/2008) 2620. Threat To Beijing Olympics From Uighurs -- Additional Comments - International Terrorism Monitor --- Paper No. 383 By B.Raman (14/3/2008) 2619. Need For Increased Alertness Against LTTE - International Terrorism Monitor ---- Paper No. 382 By B.Raman (13/3/2008) 2618. China's Escalating Military Power: Global And Regional Impact By Dr. S Kapila (13/3/2008) 2617. Lahore: Jihadis Attack Anti-corruption & Anti-terrorism Agency - International Terrorism Monitor --- Paper No. 380 By B.Raman (12/3/2008) 2616. Suicide Terrorism In Pakistan - International Terrorism Monitor --- Paper No. 381 By B.Raman (12/3/2008) 2615. Pakistan: Coming To Terms With Reality By B.Raman (11/3/2008) 2614. China's Military Budget - Should India Be Concerned? By Bhaskar Roy (11/3/2008) 2613. Threat To Beijing Olympics From Uighurs - International Terrorism Monitor --- Paper No. 379 By B.Raman (10/3/2008) 2612. Us Designates Huji(B) As Foreign Terrorist Organisation International Terrorism Monitor --- Paper No. 378 By B.Raman (9/3/2008) 2611. Malaysia: Vote For A Change In Continuity: By B.Raman (9/3/2008) 2610. Aurangazebs Of Today By B.Raman (8/3/2008) 2609. Islamic Radicalisation Of Maldives By R. Upadhyay (7/3/2008) 2608. Pakistan: New Dawn Or New Nightmare? By B.Raman (7/3/2008) 2607. Russia's Change Of Presidency Analysed By Dr. S Kapila (5/3/2008) 2606. Pak Jihadis Attack Naval Target For First Time Since 2002 - International Terrorism Monitor --- Paper No. 377 By B.Raman (5/3/2008) 2605. Mas Selamat: Play It Down, Play It Cool - International Terrorism Monitor --- Paper No. 376 By B.Raman (3/3/2008) 2604. Singapore's Rashid Rauf: International Terrorism Monitor- Paper No. 375 By B.Raman (1/3/2008)

* Notes (on 17 Mar 08: "430. Nepal: Terai Agitation Ends - Update No. 152 By Dr. S Chandrasekharan (29/2/2008); 429. Nepal: Terai Agitation- Parties Reach A Dead End - Update No. 151 By Dr. S Chandrasekharan (24/2/2008); 428. Nepal: Terai Agitation - The Need To Compromise And Move On - Update No. 150 By Dr. S Chandrasekharan (20/2/2008); 427. Bhutan: Nc Elections- First Foray Into Democracy - Update No. 68 By Dr. S Chandrasekharan (13/2/2008); 426. Nepal: Prachanda At His Brutal Best: Update No. 149 By Dr. S Chandrasekharan (5/2/2008); 425. Nepal: The Terai Issue Cannot Be Wished Away: Update No. 148 By Dr. S Chandrasekharan (1/2/2008); 424. Nepal: Will Ca Elections Be Third Time Lucky? - Update No. 147 By Dr. S Chandrasekharan (16/1/2008); 423. "Hastening Slowly" Part Ii: Slow Burn In Sri Lanka War - Update No. 134 By Col. R. Hariharan (1/1/2008)"
* Forum (on 18 Mar 08: - Total Posts: 214); * Search; * Feedback; * Links.

URL http://www.southasiaanalysis.org/

(NOTE: For a number of years the SAAG site operated at its original "www.saag.org" address. In late Dec 2007 the original address was hijacked by some unknown operator(s) and thus the SAAG was forced to establish the "www.southasiaanalysis.org" address)

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.saag.org/

Internet Archive (from Jan 2008 onwards) http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.southasiaanalysis.org/

Link reported by: T. Matthew Ciolek (tmciolek--at--coombs.anu.edu.au)

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