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18 March 2008

[Tibetan 2008 Protests] - What witnesses are saying


18 Mar 2008

Radio Free Asia (RFA), Washington, D.C., US

"RFA adheres to the highest standards of journalism and strives for accuracy, balance, and fairness in its editorial content. In addition to its news programming and commentaries, RFA broadcasts works of literature and nonfiction that have been banned in RFA's target countries."

"Following are interviews with Tibetan and Chinese sources on Monday, March 17 [2008]:
"Today is better, so I can go out. Many people have come out to buy food, too. But there are many armed police standing guard on the street and checking the identification of some passers-by. There are many police on the street. The local government hasn't asked us foreigners to leave Lhasa, but if you want to go, the Foreign Office will help you." -- Hong Kong businesswoman in Lhasa
"There are about 2,000 students in the Tibetan studies department of the Central University for Nationalities in Beijing -- about 40 of them staged a silent protest to mourn the people killed or injured in other parts of Tibet. The police came in, and they are being held now in their classrooms." -- Protest participant, Tibetan, in Beijing
"The Lhasa People's Hospital has been damaged. The local Tibetans suspect it was damaged by the Chinese so that injured Tibetans couldn't receive treatment. Tibetans who are taken to Lhasa hospitals are now being turned away." -- Tibetan source who declined to be identified. [...]"

Site contents:
* What witnesses are saying;
* Original reporting in Tibetan [http://www.rfa.org/tibetan/] (Tibetan service home page);
* Related news in English [http://www.rfa.org/english/tibetan/] (China Clamps Down on Tibetan Protests As Many Deaths, Injuries Reported, Tibetan Monks in Critical Condition After Attempted Suicide, as Protests Mount, Chinese Police Fire Tear-Gas at Protesting Tibetan Monks, China Detains Tibetan Monks Protesting on Key Anniversary, Tibetan Monks Warned To Return to Monastery, Tibetans, Chinese Police Clash at Festival, Two Monks from Panchen Lama's Monastery Commit Suicide);
* RFA Tibetan message board [http://www.rfanews.org/tibbs/] (Tibetan message board: Tibetan Forum, Arts and Culture, Tibetan Contemporary Music; Politics; Religion) [1485 posts on 18 Mar 2008]);
* Blog: RFA Unplugged [http://rfaunplugged.wordpress.com/category/tibetan/] (RFA Unplugged on Tibet).

URL http://www.rfa.org/english/news/politics/2008/03/15/tibet_interviews/

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